Kenya, China Deepen Industrial Ties

President Museveni has received and held a meeting with Omukama Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Tooro Kingdom and his delegation that included among others the Omukama’s mother Best Kemigisa several Kingdom Mministers and other senior Kingdom officials.

The meeting took place January 10 at the President’s country home in Rwakitura, viagra dosage Kiruhuura district.

The President, mind Omukama Oyo and his delegation discussed a number of issues related to how the Government of Uganda and the leadership of the Kingdom of Tooro can work together to empower the people of Tooro to overcome household poverty to which both President Museveni and Omukama Oyo concurred was the major problem in Tooro Kingdom and Uganda in general.

President Museveni told King Oyo and his delegation that all leaders at all levels need to take the message of fighting poverty seriously.

He said that emphasis needs to be put on educating the masses to do away with subsistence agriculture and engage in modern agriculture that, information pills he said, should be profit-oriented.

He noted that one of the major problems, especially in the rural areas of Uganda, was enterprise selection where people with small land holdings, as a result of land fragmentation, continue the cultivation of low value agricultural crops maize or even keep traditional breeds of animals with low economic returns that lead to their earning less income on small land-holdings.

President Museveni told King Oyo and his delegation to join him in sensitizing the population about the danger posed by land fragmentation. He said that the negative backward practice is likely to turn into a national crisis if it is not handled now.

“Land fragmentation will be a national crisis if we don’t stop it now. We don’t want to legislate about it like some countries but we have to educate the population on the eminent danger and halt it,” he said.


Omukama Oyo, who earlier had visited a number of model farms in Masaka and Kiruhuura districts on his way to Rwakitura, commended the President for his endless efforts in fighting poverty in the country.

He hailed the existing level of cooperation between the Central Government and the Kingdom of Tooro which, he said, was warm and mutually beneficial.

The Omukama further said that the leadership of Tooro Kingdom had joined the government efforts in the fight against poverty and also supplemented government efforts in health, education, the fight against HIV/AIDS and provision of clean water, among others.

China’s engagement with Kenya is set to expand with a new focus on industrial development and technology transfer.

This was the message China’s Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi delivered to President Uhuru Kenyatta on Sunday at State House, prescription Nairobi, order at the start of the Chinese Minister’s eight day tour of Africa.

Mr Wang said his mission was to strengthen the existing bilateral co-operations between Kenya and China and chart new areas that the two countries can partner in.

He said Kenya is at the stage of industrial take-off and China is ready to support it with its experience of attaining successful industrialization.

“China stands ready to share its experiences on industrial zoning and special economic zones and we are ready for more cooperation in these fields, illness ” said Mr Wang.

He said one method the Chinese government used to succeed in industrialization was to open up to industrial relocation when it allowed companies from neighbouring countries like Japan to set up shop within China.

This allowed the transfer of technology and skills to the Chinese people up to the stage where China became advanced.

“Industrial relocation was how China took off and Kenya can benefit from it,” he said.

The new focus in partnership between Kenya and China will be centered on Industrial development, technology transfer, Agricultural modernization and infrastructure development. The Standard Gauge Railway is the flagship of the China-Kenya partnership.

The two countries will also partner in mineral exploitation and environmental conservation.

Mr Wang said China will also work more closely with Kenya on regional peace and security issues.

President Kenyatta welcomed the proposal by China to increase bilateral relations with Kenya.

The President said Kenya appreciates the Chinese partnership and support in developing the ICT sector, building of roads and the railway as well as in the area of production of energy.

“Our relationship is built on the principle of partnership. This is a partnership I want to see increased and cemented to bring mutual benefits,” said the President.

The President said Kenya has made tremendous progress over the last decade and this achievement was built on the understanding that it can develop its own solutions.

President Kenyatta called on China to continue its close engagement with Kenya and support its efforts to open the East African region.

“We need you to work with us to link the Eastern Africa region by extending the railway to our neighbouring countries including Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi and even the DRC to open up the regional economy,” he said.

The President said Kenya, which has been a central pillar in promoting regional peace efforts, counts on Chinese support in efforts to bring stability to countries in the region that are affected by wars.

The meeting was attended by Deputy President William Ruto,  ICT Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi and Internal Security Principal Secretary Dr Monica Juma.

The Chinese Foreign Affairs Minister delegation included China’s Ambassador to Kenya Liu Xianfa.

Mr Wang’s visit is a follow up on the successful visit to Kenya last year by China’s Premier Li Keqiang during which 17 bilateral agreements were signed between the two countries.

After holding bilateral meetings with Kenyan Cabinet Secretaries led by Foreign Affairs CS Amina Mohamed, Mr Wang will continue with his Africa trip to visit Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan.

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