Keep Museveni Out of Centenary Park Mess – MPs Warn Nalongo Kizito

Parliamentary investigation into the ownership of Centenary Park located along Jinja Road resumed Wednesday morning as members on the Parliamentary Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authority and State Enterprise (COSASE) grilled one of the claimants Sarah Kizito.

Mrs Kizito is the head of Nalongo Estates Limited, a company which was given a lease to manage the park by KCCA in 2006. The lease expired in 2016 and the ownership of the park, as per the agreement, was supposed to be reverted back to KCCA.

Kizito however, has refused to vacate the park, claiming that the city authority’s executive director Jennifer Musisi was in the wrong by refusing to renew the lease by another 5 years.

She claims she had “all the documents necessary, and fulfilled all obligations” but Musisi went against the KCCA Council resolution and declined to renew the lease.

Nalongo Sarah Kizito appearing before COSASE on Wednesday
Nalongo Sarah Kizito appearing before COSASE on Wednesday

Nalongo Kizito also cites a September 2007 letter from President Yoweri Musveni which orders KCCA’s to give her the park.

In the letter, the president supposedly orders for Nalongo Estates to be given lease on 2 acres of the park where they have put permanent structures.

But when Mrs. Kizito brought up this matter, the COSASE MPs turned furious, accusing her of trying to tie the president to an illegality.

“We must protect the presidency,” said the committee chairman Hon Abdu Katuntu. “The authority of the President is vested in the constitution and we will not allow as parliament, for people to misuse presidential authority.”

Hon Katuntu informed Kizito that as parliamentarians they have made efforts in the past to guide the president on such matters where his name comes out, including recently the Presidential Handshake case.

“This is not the first or the last. We have just been with him on another issue where he was involved and we discussed it with him. We told him ‘sir this you can do and this you cannot.’”

The MPs are investigating among others whether or not KCCA was in its right to decline renewal of Nalongo Estate’s lease. The committee is expected to visit the park tomorrow Thursday.

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