KCCA’s Legal Affairs Chief, Ouma, Leaves

It was an emotional Thursday evening as Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) bade farewell to its Acting Director for Legal Affairs, Charles Ouma.

Speaker after speaker described Ouma as “honest”, “industrious”, “amiable” and “social.”

“Charlie (Ouma) has distinguished himself as a unique advocate with a very good temperament and great emotional intelligence,” said KCCA Acting Executive Director, Eng. Andrew Kitaka.

Ouma recently resigned to seek greener pastures elsewhere.

He is among several top KCCA officials including Jennifer Musisi who have resigned from the public institution in recent years.

Officials said as one of the pioneers of KCCA, Ouma has been very instrumental in the transformation journey of Kampala.

Kitaka said Ouma has been very instrumental in the recovery of many assets of KCCA.

“We thank him for the legal counsel and services he rendered to the Institution. Wish him well,” said Kitaka.


Ouma served in many capacities including as Deputy Director Litigation, Policy and Advisory.

The Legal Affairs Directorate provides a comprehensive program of legal services to the Authority, supporting virtually every facet of the Authority’s work.

The directorate guides the Authority’s internal corporate operations; advises staff and organs of the Authority such as the Physical Planning Committee, Contracts Committee, the political and policy organs (Authority and Division Urban Councils) on statutory and regulatory responsibilities; advocates on the Authority’s behalf in litigation before the Courts of Judicature of Uganda and other adjudicating fora; and participates in cross-functional teams assembled periodically to develop creative solutions to new challenges facing the Authority.

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