KCCA,IPSK Caution Namuwongo Market Vendors on Sanitation & Hygiene

Kampala Capital City Authority in conjunction with the Patriotism Club of The Institute of Petroleum Studies Kampala carried out charity cleanliness “bulungi bwansi” drive in which they cleaned Namuwongo market in Kampala.


During the exercise, the vendors and the neighboring community were sensitized on the importance of maintaining good sanitation which not only affects health, but also contributes to the growth and development of the country.

Bamugarukira giving one of the vendors at Namuwongo Market tips on how to keep good hygiene

While talking to the vendors, Bamugarukira Martha, IPSK Patriotism Club leader urged people who had converged at the market to observe total cleanliness so as to avoid diseases caused by poor hygiene.

Members of the IPSK Patriotism Club pose for for a photo

The team highlighted to the Vendors on the fact that, “everyone matters and every little act of kindness and cleanliness adds to the well being of not only them in Namuwongo, but the whole country.”

Bamugarukira Martha, IPSK Patriotism Club leader

One of the students also applauded and encouraged both KCCA officials and his fellow students for embracing the exercise.


“To all of you who have sacrificed your time to come and help clean and help inform our beloved people on the good health practices, thank you so much.



There is a saying that goes that, A love for Country and tradition has never weakened a Nation, indeed it has strengthened Nations in their hour of peril. In that regard, I believe one day for sure you will be paid for what you do.”

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