Kcca Suspends Charges On Taxi Operators In Parks

As Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and Ministry of Works and Transport embark on the process of regularizing public transport in greater Kampala metropolitan area, the Minister for Kampala Betty Amongi says a number of concerns and complaints have come up which include charges that are being imposed on taxi operators in taxi parks, additional illegal taxi parks, registration of drivers/ conductors’ SACCOS among others.

As such, the minister says after consultations and investigations into the complaints, various charges such as stage fees, park entry fees, loading fees among others have been suspended for a month.

“Complaints have come up from taxi operators regarding the various charges that are being levied by various associations in the taxi business including stage fees (800,000 to 2 million) to be allocated a stage by stage leaders or managers, entry fee per entry (1000 to 4500) to allow taxi enter the park, hoarding fees (1000 to 3000), loading fee (5000 to 20000) every time when a taxi loads passengers, welfare fee (20000 to 50000), stage leaders fee (5000 to 50000) weekly payment to stage leaders.

Effective 9th July 2020, all the above charges being charged by various taxi associations have been suspended for one month. During this one month, there will be no withdraw of the collected welfare fees held on the accounts of various taxi associations until the sector is regularized,” Amongi directed.

All taxi drivers being forced to pay the above fees, Amongi encouraged them to report the cases of extra charges to KCCA park administrators via KCCA toll-free line 0800990000 or nearest police station.

She said that KCCA signed a memorandum of understanding with private taxi parks not to charge parking fees exceeding 3500 per vehicle per day.

Despite the signed MOU, Amongi said that KCCA has continued receiving complaints from various individuals in taxi business indicating that some private taxi parks are charging higher amounts than the agreed upon in the MOU.

“This is unacceptable. Failure to comply with the fees determined as per the MOU shall lead to KCCA revoking MOU and degazette such parks” she said.



In May 2018, President Museveni directed KCCA to sensitise and facilitate taxi drivers and conductors to form SACCOS so that they can be supported by Government.

Amongi announced that during the one month when fees have been suspended, all taxi drivers/ conductors’ SACCOS and associations which are already in existence should report to the Directorate of Gender, Community Services and Production at KCCA headquarters.

Those who have not yet formed SACCOS and would like to do so, she said should organize themselves and report to the Directorate of Gender, Community Services and Production at KCCA for guidance on formation of SACCOS.

“During the one month, KCCA will engage stakeholders and determine the standard amount of welfare charges/ fees to be paid to each taxi to their registered SACCOS,” said Amongi.


Despite space provided to taxis in various parks, Amongi said some taxis especially those supposed to operate in Usafi taxi park continue to load from illegal stages such as Conrad plaza, mega supermarket, Shell Ben Kiwanuka among others.

“Our enforcement team has been engaging these groups and has been directed to ensure that no taxi establishes a stage and operate from the streets. All taxis are directed to move to the legally gazetted taxi parks or loading places provided by KCCA,” she said.

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