KCCA Succumbs to Pressure, Slashes Stall Rates at Wandegeya Market

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has on Thursday yielded to pressure from Wandegeya Market vendors and reduced the rent charged on every stall by 30 percent.

The announcement was made by the KCCA Deputy Production and Marketing Director, site Esau Galukambi, order revealing that the decision to revise the rates of lockups was taken after consultations with vendors.

Wandegeya market is one of the newly established modern markets by KCCA but since its opening in January 2014, it has failed to attract the maximum number vendors leaving over 600 stalls unoccupied.

The Market interim Chairperson, Jonathan Gitta lists a number of reasons the market remains unattractive, among them the high rates charged, heavy electricity bills, inaccessibility of the market by customers due to traffic jam, lack of an off-loading bay and poor advertisement of the Market.

Wandegeya Market
Wandegeya Market

“This morning, I would like to inform all the vendors in the market and the general public that we have decided to review the rates in line with the request that has been made to us; we shall make a reduction starting August 1 this year of 30 percent of all lockups in the market,” Galukambi said.

The deputy director explained that the affected lockups with the new rates are those for vendors excluding commercial facilities which are for rentable items on the market.

“There are about 700 lockups to benefit from the reduction; for example a lockup on the ground floor that has been paying Sh150, 000 will now be paying Sh105, 000 per month,” Galukambi noted.

Only 60% of the stalls at the Wandegeya market are occupied
Only 60% of the stalls at the Wandegeya market are occupied

“That means the range depending on the size of a lockup as a result of the new changes will start from Sh56, 000 and the highest will be Sh210, 000.”


Galukambi remarked that business in the market hasn’t been working out as earlier planned whereby only 60 percent of the market has been operational. He hopes that new rates will attract more vendors.

Galukambi added that KCCA will also work to improve accessibility on the road network, introduce advertising bill boards in the market, hold a number of radio programs that focus on the people working in the market and the role that markets play within the community, training for the vendors to attain business skills and put up open days in the market to make it more attractive and visible.

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