KCCA Mulls Action After Failure to Hit Revenue Targets

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and the leaders in Kampala on Tuesday brainstormed on how to devise better means of collecting taxes and better revenue mobilization.

This follows last year’s failure by the Authority to collect the targeted revenue of UGX 85bilion, cure managing only 80bn.

During the workshop, the various city leaders were tasked to go back to the people and sensitize them about the importance of paying taxes, which is every citizen’s duty and even emphasized in the Holy bible.

KCCAs revenue target this financial year is Shs 100billions, which calls for much more mobilization of the people.

Peter Kauju, KCCA’s spokesperson attributed their failure to hit the revenue targets  to what he called   disorganization in the system. He says the body’s efforts to automate tax collection would go a long way in resolving this issue.

He added that there is a large informal sector that is not in the tax bracket like Bodabodas which have gone untapped.

At the event, the Kampala Minister Beti Kamya emphasized team work in making things work at the authority.

“We are building a team and we want to work together as a team to get the best from people and also show them how we use their taxes,” she said.

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