KCCA Foodie Street Carnival Set to Kick Off This Saturday

The first ever “KCCA Foodie Street Carnival” is slated to take place this Saturday 7, 2019.

There will be more foods lined up

The event anticipated to offer an assortment of deliciously cooked street foods, will be happening at Parliamentary Avenue.


This will be the first of its kind as the whole of Parliamentary Avenue will be closed off to give food lovers a complete food extravaganza powered by Tusker Lite.

The fiesta will begin from the IPS building to Jumbo Plaza with over 30 street food vendors, food booths, carts and trucks.


The Foodie Street Carnival is a mirror image of other street food carnivals held all around the world. Cities like Paris, Berlin, London, Manila and Brussels and many more have all held a carnival of such a nature, that celebrate their own unique cultures.



It is a deliciously packaged treat for the city’s food lovers to enjoy with free entry for all food enthusiasts hunting down an afternoon’s delight escape in food, all in one Saturday.

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