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Kazinda Case Drags On

Al Jazeera’s Empire host Marwan Bishara travels to Kenya to ask who is benefiting from the ‘rise’ of African countries – and whether the war on terror is turning the continent into ‘Africanistan.’

With seven of the ten fastest-growing economies in the world in Africa, drug Bishara explores how much of the growth is driven by the exploitation of Africa’s natural resources by foreign companies.

As Parsarelo Kantain, ailment The Africa Report’s East and Horn of Africa editor, visit says, “I’m very skeptical about the whole ‘Africa Rising’ narrative. What civilisation can one reference that has ever been developed by foreigners?”

Much of this development is coming from China, Bishara notes, with China’s trade on the continent going from 10 billion to 200 billion dollars in 10 years.

“At least 2,500 Chinese companies are operating in Africa and more than a million Chinese nationals have moved here to do business,” says Bishara.

But while China is building new infrastructure across Africa, journalist Howard French points out that, rather than partnering with local companies, many of the infrastructure projects are funded, designed and implemented by the Chinese, using Chinese materials.

“I’ve been on projects where even the people pushing wheelbarrows are Chinese.”

“Win-win is a propaganda slogan,” he says. “It’s not an accurate description of this sort of arrangement. Imperialism evolves. It’s different from age to age. The circumstances change. What doesn’t change is the balance of power between the two parties that are engaged in the Imperialism.”


In discussing new Chinese-built ports, he adds, “This is what imperial powers do. They build ports so that they can send their goods to that country and so that they can export from that country to their markets the things that they need from that country.”

But while China has emerged as Africa’s biggest trading partner, America’s involvement has been under the guise of its war on terror, to the extent that academic Douglas Yates warns Africa is becoming ‘Africanistan.’

“With the draw down in Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S. war on terror has pivoted to Africa,” says Bishara. “It’s as if Washington has recreated its school of the Americas into a new school of Africa, one where under the rubric of AFRICOM, American advisers train African security forces to fight Washington’s war on terror. So is the new military aid helping stabilize Africa or is it dragging the continent into a war that’s not its own?“

Despite being a vocal critic of the American-British invasion of Iraq, France is also using its military to intervene in Africa, having sidelined many of its critics there. “What’s happened?” asks Yates. “The actors who were speaking against France have been replaced,” using Mali and Niger as examples of where he claims France has helped install pro-French leaders.

Bishara also sits down with the former prime ministers of both Kenya (Raila Odinga) and France (Michel Rocard).

As Bishara concludes, “I don’t know about you, but I’m not buying into this whole French-Chinese-American argument that they’re in the continent to help Africans help themselves. We at Empire take it for granted that global powers act out of self interest…”

Chimp Corps 
Pastor Solomon Male, page a long serving Evangelist and an activist against Homosexuality has testified in the on-going sodomy case against former SC Villa Coach, Chris Mubiru.


Appearing before Buganda Road Magistrate, Lillian Buchana, Pastor Male said that he got to know about Chris Mubiru’s sodomy antics in 2004 at a crusade he had organized in Namungoona when some of his (Mubiru’s) sodomy victims turned up among the congregation.


“It was after the fellowship in Namungoona that I met a young man called John Semakula who intimated to me that his younger brother, one Emma Magala had been sodomised by Mubiru’s brother, Pastor Grace Kitaka,” said Male.


Adding that the young man told him that Mubiru had sodomised a number of people especially footballers at SC Villa at that time, “These young boys feared Mubiru to know that they had leaked his secrets due to the fact that he was strongly connected in Police and the Army citing that Bombo Army Barracks is situated on his land.”


Pastor Male added that in 2006 he met two other young boys by the names of Emma Magala and Julius Lukyamuzi who had heard him over the radio talking of the rot in the Church and later narrated how Grace Kitaka had sodomised them and even said that they had medical evidence.


Male adds that in 2008, he met John Oundo, another sodomite, “Later on while in Mulago hospital serving our community service punishment, I met another young man who told me that he had evidence that could be used in pin Mubiru for sodomy but due to the fear he had towards Mubiru, he requested me to keep the information confidential”


Male further informed court that the same young man who had promised to bring him documented evidence about Mubiru had a brother who was sodomised after being promised sponsorship and foreign trips by Mubiru.


On handing over the soft copy videos to me, the young man told me that he wanted justice to prevail in this case so that Mubiru can pay for the evil acts he did to his brother.


Male informed court that on receiving these videos he informed the young man to go and report to Police but since he didn’t have trust in the Police he advised him to take the video to the Red pepper, which he did and Mubiru was exposed.


Male said that this is when he met yet another victim; Emmanuel Nyanzi who informed him that he was connected to Mubiru by his close friend at one of Kampala’s eating points in town.


He adds that Nyanzi later went to Mubiru’s home in Bulange were he drunk and lost control, after regaining his senses he noticed that too much blood was coming out from his behind and realized that he had been sodomised“


“Immediately the RedPepper exposed Mubiru, I got a call from the Head of Interpol, ‘Afande’ Kasingye informing me that he had fled the country,” Male said.


“From the photos and the videos which I have brought to this court as part of the evidence to pin Mubiru, I witnessed Mubiru sodomising young boys as if he was riding a bicycle,” Male concluded


Magistrate Lilian Buchana adjourned the case until 21st August when more state witnesses will be brought to testify against Mubiru
The Minister of Health, order Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda, prescription has come out to strongly refute reports of a suspected Ebola outbreak in Kitgum.

Addressing journalists at Uganda Media Centre on Thursday, cheapest Rugunda said no single case of Ebola has been registered in Uganda, adding,  the virus is only currently spreading in West Africa.

“However, all districts in Uganda are under tight surveillance,” Rugunda said.

He also advised Ugandans to limit their travel plans to the affected countries as they stand high risk of contracting the infection.

Dr. Anthony Mbonye, the Commissioner for Health Service in the ministry of health said the Ebola scare in Kitgum was reported but investigations ruled out the contagious disease.

He urged west African countries currently grappling with the deadly virus to learn from Uganda on how they have managed to contain the scourge in recent years.

The Ministry of Health in 2013 declared an end to the Ebola outbreak that was reported in Luweero district in November 2012.

This declaration followed a completion of 42 days of the Post Ebola Surveillance countdown period which is a prerequisite of the World Health Organisation (WHO) requiring any affected country to monitor the Ebola situation for a specific period before finally declaring an end to the outbreak.
The Anti Corruption Division of the High Court has Thursday adjourned the case against former   principal accountant in the Office of the Prime Minister Geoffrey Kazinda who is accused of diverting public resources, see abuse of office and conspiracy to defraud.

While the hearing of the case was expected to resume today, erectile trial judge Margaret Tibulya didn’t show up.

This compelled court to adjourn the matter to August 8.

Early this month, the Director Public Prosecution slapped 69 new charges against the disgraced public servant.

According to prosecution, Kazinda forged security papers to criminally withdraw money from public coffers for personal use, abused his office and caused government a financial loss of shs14bn.

Among the forged documents were security papers and withdraw forms (both sensitive documents used in transaction of huge sums of money), which were recovered by the police from Kazinda’s home in Bukoto, a Kampala suburb.

The former principal accountant with the ministry of Prime Minister is charged alongside Wilbert Okello (principal system analyst), David Mugisha (senior economist) and Bright Atwine (senior account) who are thought to have been accomplices in the plunder of public funds at the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).

The abused funds were earmarked for the reconstruction of the war-torn northern region.


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