Kazimba Installs New UCU Vice Chancellor, Calls On Staff to Support Him

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda who doubles as Chancellor of Uganda Christian University (UCU), the Most Rev Dr Samuel Stephen Kazimba Mugalu on Sunday installed former Makerere University’s Prof Aaron Mushengyezi as new Vice Chancellor of Uganda Christian University, replacing Rev Canon Dr John Ssenyonyi.

Kazimba, while installing Prof Mushengyezi, expressed optimism that the university will not backslide as some wrongly predicted when the first Vice Chancellor Prof Stephen Noll left the institution 10 years ago.

“I remember this work was started long time ago by our first Vice Chancellor Prof Stephen Noll who did a great job, who worked together with the Chancellor then, Dr Livingston Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo. When he (Noll) left, some people thought that the university would go backwards but God is good,” said Kazimba.

He noted that the Almighty has used the outgoing Vice Chancellor Prof John Ssenyonyi together with the previous Chancellors and Archbishops Emeritus Henry Luke Orombi and Stanley Ntagali to ensure the university does not backslide.

Kazimba called on the university staff to support and work hand in hand with Prof Mushengyezi.

“Brethren, staff members, Deputy Vice Chancellors, Deans, Heads of faculties, university council, members of the synod, parents, Ugandans, support Prof Aaron. Support him, advise him, encourage him,” he implored.

The Archbishop said it is important for leaders to be encouraged adding that him as Chancellor, Prof Mushengyezi as Vice Chancellor and the entire institution need intercessors who will support their work unlike some people who destroy churches to build arcades.

Meanwhile, Kazimba alerted Prof Mushengyezi that his new job will not be as easy, now that institutions of learning are closed due to COVID-19 pandemic.


“When God calls you, Aaron, like He called you, He will be with you because He chose you for a difficult task. God never calls us for simple tasks but the good news is, when the task is tough, the miraculous intervention is being assured. The mission is tough, COVID-19, no students therefore no income, no resources for staff,” he noted.

Kazimba, however, strengthened the new Vice Chancellor that he will overcome everything despite the existing challenges and also called for government intervention.

“How are we going to run the university? We must have new tools. The old ones may not work. That is why we need the intervention of the government. We need government to come and step in so that we keep our land and develop it. So, this is a challenging time for all of us,” said Kazimba.

He added that the government should intervene and help in protection of church property such as land which is threatened by land grabbers.

The Archbishop advised Prof Mushengyezi to consult his predecessor Rev Canon Dr John Ssenyonyi “when things get tough.”

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