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Kayihura Saga: ISO, Police Leading Kaweesi Murder Probe

Uganda Police Force and Internal Security Organisation (ISO) officials have been interrogating the former Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura since he was detained at Makindye Military Barracks this past Wednesday.

The CIID Director Grace Akullo and senior crime detectives grilled Kayihura on the death of Kaweesi, a shocking incident which occurred on March 17, 2017.

The interrogation was held at Makindye where Kayihura has been held for the last five days.

ChimpReports has learnt from family members that contrary to earlier reports that the military was taking lead in the investigation, the matter is being handled by other security agencies.

“What we have observed is that this is an ISO/Police-led investigation,” said a close family member, adding, “The military appears to be providing custodial services to their General to allow other agencies to access him.”

The family member cited statements issued by the military to show that Kayihura is being treated well.

Defence spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire last week said Gen Kayihura was accessible to “his immediate family, as well as his lawyers.”

The family told us that to them, “the military is acting as hosts of Gen Kayihura. The inquiry doesn’t seem to be controlled or run by the army. They are keeping him in the most decent way possible.”


“The army doesn’t appear to be the centre of a single accusation against Gen Kayihura,” the family member emphasised.

Before his removal from the position of IGP, Kayihura had clashed with several organisations specifically ISO under the Security Ministry run by Gen Henry Tumukunde.

There is a feeling among Kayihura’s associates that his enemies are using Kaweesi’s assassination to plot his downfall.

We also have established that while Kayihura has been quizzed on Kaweesi’s murder, he was yet to “record a statement” which would be the basis for his eventual prosecution.

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