Kayihura Runs for Maternal Health

Rukiga County Member of Parliament Jack Sabiiti has blasted members of the opposition Forum for Democratic Change who claimed that he was not supposed to welcome president Museveni when the head of state visited Kabale last month.

Sabiiti says, viagra approved “What is killing the country is some politicians mixing development with politics, sildenafil ” adding, more about he was not a “mad person”.

The embattled lawmaker’s failure to criticise Museveni on the biting poverty and poor roads in Rukiga, has since raised fears he was quietly following in the footsteps of opposition figures who have since returned to NRM.

He slammed FDC officials on social media making his life miserable.

“I tell you that I am mentally organized and I will not allow my aspirations to be distorted.  There are so many NRM and FDC supporters in my constituency so I have to work for their common good,” Sabiiti.

“I have not joined NRM. I am FDC,” he emphasises while speaking Sunday at the thanksgiving service and fundraising ceremony at Lyabirengye church of Uganda in Bukinda sub-county Kabale district.

Sabiiti was last month quoted as praising Museveni for “causing development” in his constituency and demonstrating “good leadership skills”.

While FDC Diaspora member, Muniini Mulera says Sabiiti was right to appreciate the President’s efforts, the MP should have spoken out on impassable roads, expensive electricity and water connections, non –functioning operating theatre and misuse of public resources.


Kneeling down

During the Sunday service, Sabiiti said he was ready to even kneel down for Museveni for the benefit of Rukiga constituents.

“I have been attacking Museveni for several years. But look at Nyeikunama Primary School which is one the biggest schools in the town council. It needs development. If you ask the president for support with humility, Kabale will see development,” said Sabiiti.

“I am ready to go on my knees before Museveni for the good of my people,” he added, raising eyebrows.

The Bakiga are not known for kneeling before fellow human beings.

The MP’s defensive remarks did not convince the audience, with many saying he had been bought by NRM to popularise Museveni in Rukiga.

But Sabiiti said years of populist politicking are coming to an end, urging a fundamental shift towards rooting for development of constituencies.

The controversial MP last year refused to serve in FDC president (Rtd) Major General Mugisha Muntu.

During the FDC presidential elections that saw Muntu face off with Nandala Mafabi, Sabiiti was working closely with Rubaramira Ruranga with the view of defeating the former army commander.

When Mafabi lost the polls, Rubaramira returned to the NRM where he was fully rehabilitated.

On his part, Sabiiti resigned as the party’s treasurer.
Major General Dr Julius Oketta, salve the head of African Union Support to Ebola Outbreak in West Africa (ASEOWA), approved has been awarded the Distinguished Service Order by Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

This medal was in honour of Oketta’s “dedication to duty and outstanding services rendered to the people and government of Liberia, dosage ” according to a brief AU brief statement to ChimpReports.

AU Commission Chairperson Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma also praised General Oketta’s “spirit of selflessness and the full dedication with which he leads the life saving mission in the three affected countries.”

A distinguished senior Ugandan army officer, Oketta was in September 2014 appointed to head Operation ASEOWA that deployed civilian and military volunteers from across the continent to ensure the deadly Ebola scourge that had claimed thousands of people, is brought under control.

The mission comprised medical doctors, nurses and other medical and paramedical personnel.

As the Head of Mission Oketta, was praised for providing the necessary leadership, advice and guidance that guaranteed a smooth and efficient emergency operation.

However, the World Health Organization (WHO), in its latest February update, reported that the number of new cases of Ebola in West Africa rose for the second straight week. WHO also noted that the fatality rate among hospitalized cases remains high – between 53 per cent and 60 percent.

“The spike in cases in Guinea and continued widespread transmission in Sierra Leone underline the considerable challenges that must still be overcome to get to zero cases,” WHO said.

Liberia, which continued to report a low number of new cases, announced that schools will be reopened on 2 March, according to the latest update from the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER).


Dr. Oketta, as a Major General led the Regional Reserve Forces Command when the Uganda People’s Defence Force helped in combating the Ebola epidemic in Northern Uganda.

He is the Director of the National Emergency Coordination and Operations Center (NECOC) in the Office of the Prime Minister of Uganda and was seconded to the African Union led the humanitarian mission.

He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration and attended Senior Command and Staff College (SCSC).

Dr. Oketta is a Member of the Parliament of Uganda and is currently a Member of the Advisory Board of the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (UN CERF) and has served as the Chief of Logistics and Engineering for the Ugandan Army. He has over 9 years of experience in the field of civil-military humanitarian response.
Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura has for the second year running enrolled a charity marathon cause aimed at improving maternal health in Kisoro district.

The IGP has already started preparations ahead of the 5 and 10 kilometer 29th March – “Run for Women and Girls – Improve Maternal Health” marathon as the chief runner. The race is championed by Action for Development a local NGO.

The police chief last year took part in the 12.5km run of the marathon organized to help raise awareness and attract funds towards supporting maternal health in Kisoro hospital.

Kisoro Hospital maternity is in a dilapidated state yet it handles close to 50 per cent of all institution-based deliveries in the district.

And being a public institution, store the health facility has been the place of choice for many expectant mothers.

When contact on Monday, Gen Kayihura the vowed to make this a walk over and prove to his young boys and girls (junior Police officers) that he is still physical fit.

“I have done it in the past and am more than ready to take on this cause next month and there is no doubt that it will be a success,” he said.

Kisoro hospital medical superintendent, Dr. Michael Baganizi says the idea for the marathon came from the social-corporate responsibility of Kisoro FM Radio which was able to bring several strata of society to participate in the noble cause.

“There are high incidences of sexualized violence in Kisoro, a number of reproductive health issues were identified among which were poor maternal health facilities. It is against this background that Kisoro FM and ACFODE is organizing a marathon to raise funds for hospital equipment to address maternal health services for adolescents and women,” said a note from ACFODE.

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