Kayihura: Our Officers Accepted Humiliation at Parliament

Police officers who used force to remove suspended MPs from the Parliament Chambers deserve praise not condemnation, Gen Kale Kayihura has observed.

Human Rights Groups, opposition members and some members of the public have expressed disapproval of the security operation at Parliament on September 27 that left several lawmakers nursing injuries.

Policemen and other security operatives wearing suits battled MPs who had just defied Speaker Rebecca Kadaga’s instructions to leave the chambers, leaving a trail of bloodshed and destruction.

Lawmakers sustained fractured jaws and arms with others collapsing in the fist fight that lasted almost two hours.

Commenting on his men’s conduct, Kayihura said they exhibited the highest levels of professionalism.

“Our officers were disciplined by not overreacting towards the MPs who had resisted being taken out of the Parliament,” said Kayihura.

While the law allows them to defend themselves upon being attacked, said Kayihura, the “officers at Parliament accepted humiliation.”

He said all MPs who engaged in the fight have been summoned to police CIID headquarters in Kibuli for interrogation.


“You need to applaud us not condemn us for bringing order in Parliament,” said Kayihura.

Kadaga said MPs who participated in the violence will have their salaries cut to pay for the materials destroyed in the fracas.

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