Kayihura Orders Private Security Companies on Gun Theft

The Inspector General of Police Gen Edward Kale Kayihura has sounded a call to the Private Security Company owners in western Uganda to tighten gun control, this web stressing that most guns which find their way into criminal hands are obtained from these companies.

The IGP also directed that Security Companies must start deploying more than one guard at each one of their work stations to prevent being attacked by criminals who are after their guns.

Mbarara District Police Commander Jaffar Magyezi delivered the IGP’s message on Wednesday while meeting with managers and supervisors of Private security groups.

He said that effective 1st November 2016, all private security companies are required to start deploying more than one guard in accordance with the IGP’s directive which he said is nationwide.

The DPC emphasized that guards working in solitude are the greatest targets by armed robbers at night, and has led to a high proliferation of illegal guns in the area.

Magezi warned that companies that do not comply with the directive will be liable to termination their licenses and face prosecution.

“We are not harassing you but we are preventing the civilian access to guns for criminal purposes,” Magyezi said.

Some of the managers, who spoke to Chimpreports after the meeting, were not entirely welcoming of the directive, fearing that it may have severe financial implications on their business as it would call for much more recruitment.

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