Kayihura Exit Doesn’t Change Police – Besigye Reacts to Rwampara Clamp Down

Former Presidential candidate Col Dr Kizza Besigye had said the removal of Gen Edward Kale Kayihura as Inspector General of Police, will not change the image and operations of the Police force, noting that it still remains a tool at the disposal of President Yoweri Museveni.

Besigye was his morning responding to the Police’s excessive deployment yesterday to disperse his supporters in Rwampara, where he had gone to welcome the former area MP and one of the most outspoken NRM figures in Mbarara Vincent Mujuni Kyamadidi, who joined the opposition Forum for the Democratic Party (FDC).

Besigye told Chimpreports, the police actions were not surprising.

“The police are servants of Mr. Museveni. This is why we are saying that the removal of Kayihura will not change anything,” Besigye said.

“The real problem is Mr.  Museveni who is in power illegally; who violates the constitution perpetually, who does not have any respect for the people of Uganda and there will, and uses force to remain in office.”

“The police are just his servants who help him to do that. Their actions are expected. But we shall continue to defy and continue to talk to the people of Uganda until people are ready to regain their authority and power over this land.” he said.

Former MP Kyamadidi, while speaking to supporters in Rwampara, said he was a strong supporter of NRM but yielded sour grapes in the 2016 elections, when fellow NRM leaders headed by the president piled a lot of hatred on him and story hos victory.

Kyamadidi invited Dr Besigye and other FDC officials to announce his cross over.


Police however, reacted by deploying heavily at the rally venue, which angered the residents. These started hurling stones at the officers, who also fired teargas, live bullets, and water cannons to disperse them.

This morning while speaking to our reporter in Mbarara, Besigye said that the FDC Party was delighted to see Kyamadidi joining the opposition.

“We were glad to see him join our ranks to continue to offer leadership to his people. Honorable Kyamadidi, who should be an MP for Rwampara; whose elections were rigged, will continue now to mobilize his people” Besigye noted.

He added that many ordinary people have been crossing to FDC, but said few leaders have done so because these are “continuously targeted for intimidation, bribing, and renting their support.”

Besigye was in Mbarara this morning for hearing of his case before the Mbarara Grade One Magistrates Court.

Besigye, his driver Kato Fred and Ingrid Turinawe are charged with; damaging of vehicles, assaulting police officers while on duty and inciting violence during his visit to the Municipality last November.

Today, 3 police officers appeared before the court to testify against the accused, namely: then Ag DPC Mbarara Isaac Kambugu, FFU OC Collins Kaganzi and Operations Officer Swizin Tibesigwa all attached to Mbarara CPS.

These however didn’t testify, because Besigye’s lawyer Lydia Ahimbisibwe was attending another function.

The case was adjourned to 24th May 2018.

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