Kayihura Diehards: We’ll Not Allow Besigye at Makindye Court

The protest at Makindye Chief Magistrate’s Court has taken yet another twist with Gen Kale Kayihura’s supporters vowing to stop opposition strongman Dr Kizza Besigye from attending the police officers’ trial.

The demonstrators blocked the road to the court, website like this saying Besigye has no case and is therefore not expected there.

“Besigye will not enter this court. He has no case here, ” charged one of Gen Kayihura’s supporters.

Kayihura and senior police officers were recently summoned to the court to respond to accusations of highhandedness in handling opposition processions.

The criminal case is slowly turning political with supporters of Besigye and Kayihura holding protests at court before trial.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday at the Kampala High Court, Besigye said he was eager to see the police boss in the dock defending his actions, which were widely criticized.

Lawyer Kiwanuka being quizzed by protesters at court
Lawyer Kiwanuka being quizzed by protesters at court

“I would like to see him in the dock as he is prosecuted for crimes committed against the citizens of this country. I want him to know that he too can go through what most of us have gone through,” Besigye said.

He however said he has no confidence in the court to properly handle the case, adding that justice might not be realized fully as the public expects, but noted this is only the beginning.


“We don’t expect much but again we must not give up. We want all police commanders to know that the orders they give against the citizens can one day be given against them.”

One of the lawyers from Lukwago and Co. Advocates today was temporarily blocked from accessing court premises.

Kayihura’s supporters accused the lawyer identified as Abdallah Kiwanuka of unnecessarily harassing the police boss.

“Go back and attend to your firm instead of disturbing our IGP,” said one of the protesters.

Lawyers of both parties have since been summoned to the chief Magistrate’s chambers for a discussion of the case.

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