Kayihura Calls for Heavy Punishments for Reckless Drivers

A few days after over 25 people died in different accidents along the Kampala- Masaka Highway, website like this the Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura has said that drivers who drive recklessly need to be punished hard.

“Those reckless drivers who cause accidents and lead to loss of lives need to be charged with man slaughter and sentenced to life imprisonment other than these light sentences,” Kayihura told journalists on Wednesday afternoon at the police headquarters in Naguru.

The police boss said something needs to be done immediately to curb the increasing road carnage adding that all stakeholders must come together to address this.

The IGP however accepted that the police have in the past been doing what he termed as kneejerk interventions on the roads stressing that this time round they are to launch a sustained campaign that will try to reduce accidents on the roads.

“We have had weaknesses in the past but this time round we are to sustain the campaign on safety of people on the roads.  We have purchased a number of speed guns to check on drivers. There is need to check the speeding and reckless drivers on our roads who have caused most accidents.”

“I can’t say we shall eliminate the accidents but atleast we can reduce them. We are going to start by rectifying weaknesses among ourselves. There is need to end these road accidents.”

Over 21 people died on Saturday afternoon along the Kampala Masaka road, after a Toyota Noah tried to overtake 3 vehicles including 2 taxis and a trailer before having a head-on collision with an oncoming trailer that swerved off the road before overturning in the middle and hitting 2 other taxis.

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