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PHOTOS: Kawempe Youth Launch ‘Museveni 2016’ Campaigns

President Museveni has said the problem of Africa is ideological, online http://cbpa.com/wp-admin/includes/class-bulk-plugin-upgrader-skin.php the failure to distinguish between identity and interests of its people.

He said this has led to many opportunistic people taking advantage of identity to promote sectarian power grab.

The President was on Sunday meeting the US Secretary of State John Kerry at the United Nations.

The two leaders discussed bilateral issues concerning mainly security in Somalia, buy South Sudan, order Burundi, Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), ADF and Libya.

The President said part of the problem is because the middle class in some societies has not developed and there are traditional systems that are still not part of the money economy.

He said it is important for countries to push for interests rather than identity to bring peace and engage in social economic development of their people.

“The linkages are there but there has not been enough emphasis or distillation to bring them out to the people,” he said.

Secretary of State John Kerry said they need to ‘finish the jobs’ in Somalia, South Sudan and the Lord’s Resistance Army.


He said Somalia now has the ability to build a better government.

“We have made a tremendous job, we need a successful story. What do we need to do to finish this job,? he asked.

Kerry asked President Museveni what can be done to end conflicts in the region
Kerry asked President Museveni what can be done to end conflicts in the region

Foreign Policy

Observers say as the Obama administration comes to an end, his foreign policy strategists are eager to see an end in the conflicts in South Sudan, Somalia and Burundi.

This would be credit for the Democrats in upcoming elections against the Republicans.

Museveni maintains UPDF in South Sudan and Somalia to stabilisation missions. He also a mediator in the Burundi internal conflict.

Kerry commended President Museveni’s peace efforts and said they needed his leadership to resolve the conflict situations in Somalia, South Sudan, Burundi and the LRA.

He said the involvement of the African Union in seeking solutions to the crisis in Libya is vital.

The meeting was attended by the outgoing 69th United Nations President and Minister of Foreign Affairs in Uganda Hon. Sam Kutesa, The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Okello-Oryem, Uganda’s ambassador to Washington Olive Wonekha and Uganda’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dr. Richard Nduhuura.

US Secretary of State John Kerry was accompanied by the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Linda Thomas-Greenfield and Thomas Perriello, the Special Envoy for the Great Lakes Region of Africa.
The leader of South Sudan Resistance Movement (SSRM/A), abortion http://companyimpact.com/waterbills/wp-includes/cache.php Brig. Lul Ruai Koang has blasted the SPLA- In Opposition chief, page Dr. Riek Machar for exercising sectarian promotion in the rebel movement.

Brig. Ruai, price who served as the SPLA-IO spokesman for 14 months, said Dr. Machar has forgotten those who helped him most in the armed struggle against the government and is now rewarding different people.

On Friday, Machar who is also the First Vice President designate issued series of express orders that promoted 21 generals including the general Chief of Staff, Simon Gatwech Dual to 1st lieutenant General.

Brig. Ruai in a statement on Sunday night said some of the 21 promoted officers do not deserve the military elevation.

“Dr. Riek Machar has already forgotten the very people who firmly stood with him when he was most in need of their sacrifices and selfless service. Some officers he had promoted deserve it but the list is loaded with next to useless ones and newcomers who did absolute nothing to warrant double promotions,” part of the statement says.

He added that the commanders from the feared and battle hardened White Army movement were left out.

“The list is not exhaustive and it does not include names of leaders of the White Armies from Lou-Nuer and Jikany Nuer.”

Brig. Ruai also said the leaving out of other deserving generals is repetition of 1991 scenario. “History is notorious for repeating itself; do not be surprised that the above and those not mentioned have already lost their seniority according to Riek’s promotion and the trend is following exactly what had happened to senior officers prior to 1991 split who became juniors after 2002 merger.”

He advised those in the rebel movement to make a right a choice to where seniority is respected in army promotion though he didn’t mention the side.

“The writings are boldly written on the wall. You have an ample opportunity to choose which side keeps list of seniority and mindful of fairness in military promotions before it’s too late.”

He named two lieutenant generals and 21 brigadiers in the SPLA-IO who he thinks were unfairly left out in the promotions.

They include; Lt. Col. Lok Tang, Lt. Col. Thor Gang Lual, Brig. Gen. Peter Lim-Bol, Brig. Gen. James Otong Liah, Brig Gen. Peter Puok Koang, Brig James Gai Gatluak, Brig. Gen. Simon Diang-Duoth, Brig. Gen. Toar-Nyuel, Brig. Gen. Peter Nhial Wathak, Brig. Gen. Peter Tap Gatdet, Brig. Gen. Simon Luk-Bayak, Brig. Gen. James Wicjong Reat, Brig. Gen. Thoi Reat Chany, Brig. Gen. James Ochan Top, Brig. Gen. Joseph Wuor Puok, Brig. Gen. David Dep Ruot, Brig. Gen. Peter Makal Kuol, Brig. Gen. Khor Chuol Gear, Brig. Gen. John Jock Gai, Brig. Gen. Wal Nyak, Brig. Gen. Both Tap, Brig Gen. Ruai WeL, Brig. Gen. Peter Yak Dayem
A group of NRM youths in Kawempe, sildenafil http://comotenerunabuenaereccion.com/wp-includes/class-wp-image-editor-imagick.php Kampala on Sunday launched campaigns for President Museveni for the forthcoming 2016 general elections.

The group led by Kawempe Deputy Mayor and NRM General Secretary, information pills http://cfsk.org/wp-includes/pluggable-deprecated.php Ibrahim Kamihanda, for sale said the area had fallen into the hands of the opposition politicians but noted that launching campaigns for Museveni would help them woo back the ruling party supporters.

”In the previous elections more than 90 percent of the representatives on youth councils in Kawempe were from the NRM but in the just concluded youth elections, we got only 6 percent,” Kamuhanda said at a function held at Mulago Sports Grounds on Sunday afternoon.

He added, ‘‘Launching campaigns for President Museveni from this area is a big boost to us in a bid to bring back our support.”

He said it was high time the youth became part of the leadership’s efforts to protect the party gains and achievements in the country.

”We had been labelled as Mbabazi supporters but we want to show the country where our allegiance falls and that is with the ruling NRM party and its leadership,” he said.

Singer Phina Masanyalazi excites NRM crowds
Singer Phina Masanyalazi excites NRM crowds

‘Opposition is mad’

Speaking at the function, the chief guest and Deputy NRM Secretary General Richard Todwong said the challenge at hand needs youth to participate in leadership as the future belongs to them.

”You have to take a centre stage in the forthcoming government and time is now to work for it. It’s high time you took the President shoulder high in a bid to challenge the opponents,” Todwong told the youths.

”When you hear mad people (opposition) from other parties speaking rubbish, ignore them. They are like a mad man who grabs your clothes while bathing, when you chase him, people will think you’re mad too.”

Todwong tests the Subaru brand car donated by mechanics to be used for President Museveni's campaigns in 2016
Todwong tests the Subaru brand car donated by mechanics to be used for President Museveni’s campaigns in 2016

Todwong urged the youth not to be used by politicians in acts of violence, saying they should only preach the gospel of love to each other.

At the function, a group of mechanics from the area donated a Toyota Subaru to be used by President Museveni to canvas votes throughout the country.

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