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Kaweesi Shooting: Museveni to Use ‘NRA’ to Crush Criminals in Police

President Museveni has vowed to crush what he described as a ‘ring of criminals’ in police if Gen Kale Kayihura spares it.
The IGP has already started cleaning up the force of bad elements.
Kayihura this week got rid of all his aides whom insiders accused of corruption and protecting criminals.
Sources told ChimpReports that following the death of AIGP Andrew Kaweesi at the hands of ruthless gunmen, buy more about Museveni told a team of security operatives to draw a list of criminals in
“If Kale does not get rid of them, the real NRA will do the work, ” the president was quoted as saying.
Museveni is said to be ruthless when dealing with impunity in the security forces.
Highly placed security officials said Museveni wants the entire police leadership especially at the rank of AIGP disbanded.
The President also wants Kayihura to fire his close associate Nixon Asingwire who has been named in many high level armed robberies.
“We don’t know why Kayihura doesn’t want to investigate or get rid of these people. They have tarnished his name,” said a source who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely.
This investigative website also understands that Museveni has been quietly probing the killing of Muslim Sheikhs with evidence pointing to some associates of police.
“Kayihura is encircled by wrong elements. When he falls short of acting against them even when presented with compelling evidence, we really don’t understand him.”
Insiders say Kayihura believes some army officers have been working hard to bring him down for exposing scandals in the military establishment.
But a source said several military investigators were sent to Kayihura’s office to help him with investigations but “he frustrated them,” according to a source.
“Kayihura is not a good team player. He is suspicious of almost everyone outside his circle,” the source added.
Kaweesi was gunned down as he left his residence in Kulambiro, Kampala.
Several suspects have been held in connection with the shooting that shook the nation to its core.

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