Kaweesi Murder: Kayihura Warns of Diversionary Media Reports

Almost a month after the gruesome murder of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, nurse the Inspector General of Police, approved Gen. Kale Kayihura has warned media of what he termed as diversionary reports meant to drive police off their course.

Kaweesi was murdered on the morning of March 17 as he left his home in Kulambirop together with his bodyguard Kenneth Erau and driver Godfrey Mambewa when unknown assailants rained bullets on his vehicle, killing all three.

In his Easter message, read by the police Spokesperson AIGP Asan Kasingye, Kayihura said many media outlets have since the murder been awash with clues to the death of Kaweesi but said all these are meant to divert police.

“There are a lot of media investigations out there but all based on falsehoods. Their intention is to divert our investigations and we know that, ”Kasingye told a news conference on Friday afternoon.

Police mouthpiece Asan Kasingye read out the IGP's message
Police mouthpiece Asan Kasingye read out the IGP’s message

This week, some media outlets quoted a relative to the deceased Assistant Inspector General of Police accusing some big shots in the force of sabotaging investigations for their own motives.

The police mouthpiece however, urged whoever has information leading to the arrest of the killers to help divulge it to police so that they are apprehended.

“Let them come .We are open for investigations into what they know.”

Put to explain when they will let the cat out of the court as far as Kaweesi murder investigations are concerned, Kasingye as usual told journalists that at an opportune time the police will let them know.


“This is not the first time we are carrying out investigations. We have arraigned many people in courts of law for murder but some cases take a little bit longer.”

“The investigations are going on well and soon we will come out to tell the public but I want to assure them that they should not be worried that nothing is being done,” Kasingye retorted.

On security during the festive season, Kasingye, who was speaking on behalf of the police boss, Gen. Kayihura, assured the public that there should not be anything to be worried of as they celebrate Easter.

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