Kaweesi Murder: JEEMA Cites Rivalry among Security Organs for Increase Killings

Opposition political party Justice Forum (JEEMA) has said that the increased spate of crime characterized by killings  in the country is because of the rivalry among the various security agencies around the country.

Addressing journalists at their party headquarters in Mengo, search Kampala on Wednesday, price JEEMA spokesperson Ssentongo Kyamundu said there is a lot of rivalry and conflict among the various security organs including police, CMI and ISO which he said has resulted into the killing of people.

“A lot is happening underground and most of these security organs are not at peace with each other. This deteriorating security situation is born out of the confusion and rivalry between security organs,” Kyamundu told journalists.

The opposition political party’s mouthpiece also rubbished as unfounded the claims recently by president Museveni that police is infiltrated by criminals saying these statements are only diversionary and making government abdicate its primary role of protecting its citizens.

“We don’t buy these statements. If it is true that the police is infiltrated by criminals, why is it that the IGP is never fired but given additional powers in the guise of cleaning up the force.”

JEEMA also claimed that despite calls for investigations into the spate of murders have rocked the country of recent, many police officers are not willing to get to the bottom of the problem because of poor working conditions and low pay which   demoralizes them.

The opposition political party however urged that there is a need to end amicably this state of affairs in the country before it turns to the worst.

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