Kaveera Ban Rolled Out In Other Districts

A Parliamentary committee meeting came to a standstill on Thursday when Muslim and Christian Members of Parliament dramatically turned on each other on the contentious terrorism debate with the members of police leadership.

The contention on any debate in Parliament is always traditionally between the ruling party and the opposition members, sildenafil but Thursday witnessed a strange scenario when some members ditched their political party affiliation to defend their spiritual denominations

The incident started when the Muslim MPs accused police of being selective in the fight against terrorism and targeting to suppress the growth of Islam in the country. Hon Muwanga Kivumbi who described himself as representing the “Mecca” in Uganda, and Obongi county MP, Fungaroo Caps told the committee that the closure of Madrassa (Muslim elementary schools) and mosques was in contravention of their rights and police should stop it.

“Madrassas being targeted and closed by the police in the name of fighting terrorism is a systematic move to check on the growth of Islam in this country. I and many leaders in this country just like majority Muslims went through Madrassa and we are not terrorists. We want a comprehensive explanation,” Kivumbi said.

However before the minister of Internal Affairs Gen. Aronda Nyakairima who led the police team could respond, the Christian MPs jumped in to “correct” their colleague who they believed had strayed by mixing in the religious feelings.

“Before the minister comes in I want to inform the fellow colleague (Kivumbi) that closing Madrassa or Mosques is not abolishing them and cannot in any way be perceived as trying to stop the growth of Islam as he is misleading this committee,” MP Simon Mulongo said.

Hon Fungaro then butted in to side with Kivumbi, saying there are countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran targeted by the terrorists more than Uganda but they have Muslim teaching schools and have avoided terrorism attacks for decades.

Before they could finish Mulongo supported by his Christian colleagues hoisted his iPad up showing the googled pages of tens of Muslim schools closed in Saudi Arabia and hundreds in Egypt during ousted Hosni Mubarak`s rule and after the toppling of his successor Mohamed Mursi; all linked to terrorism activities.


The chairperson of the committee, Benny Mugwanya tried to weigh in several times but there was no breakthrough up until when Aruu county MP, Samuel Odonga Otto came in and urged his fellow Christian members to leave the matter.

Otto however, lightheartedly told Fungaro Caps that there was conflict of interest within them (Muslims), questioning the police on why Muslim institutions are being targeted. Fungaro didn’t take it lightly and responded attracting the attention of Kivumbi who amplified it.

Gen. Aronda in his remarks however said Uganda is a secular nation where everyone has freedom of religious participation and there is no plan to suppress any religion. He maintained that police is strictly following the law and the Muslim facilities closed were harboring guns.

“A Mosque or a Madrassa is not armory for guns to be kept. We found guns in some of them and that is why they had to be closed as investigations take course.” Aronda said.
The much anticipated inaugural edition of the FUFA annual tournament has kicked off at the federation’s technical training center in Njeru.

There are eight teams pooled in two groups A and B. Each group is played in a round robin format where each team in a group faces each other and the two top teams will proceed to play semifinals and eventually to the final.

The eight participating teams include; FUFA XI, find NIC, pharm Airtel, Nile breweries, Bidco, Pepsi, National Water, and Red Pepper. The FUFA XI is captained by Fufa president Eng. Moses Magogo and coached by Cranes Coach Micho while the. Nile breweries team is represented by the Uganda ex-internationals.

The matches are played on Seven-aside basis with each going for 30 minutes with a break of five minutes in between.


Group A:

10:00 FUFA XI 2-0 NIC

10:30 Airtel 1-2 Nile

11:00 Airtel 2-0 FUFA XI

11:30 Nile vs NIC

12:00 FUFA XI vs Nile

12:30 NIC vs Airtel


Group B:

10:00 Bidco 1-0 Gagamel

10:30 National Water 0-1 Red Pepper

11:00 National Water 1-0 Bidco

11:30 Redpepper vs Gagamel

12:00 Bidco vs Red Pepper

12:30 Gagamel vs National Water
Despite being accosted by dissatisfied polythene manufacturers and other stake holders against the ban, rx the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) has rolled out the campaign to other districts in the country.

The NEMA executive director, side effects Tom O. Okurut yesterday rolled out the campaign in Hoima and Masindi districts while launching Nyamasoga Oli Waste Management, treatment and disposal plant constructed by Enviroserv Uganda Limited.

“Following the deadline for the ban on polythene which was April 15, NEMA undertook to implement the ban in Kampala and today I want to announce that the ban has been rolled to other districts in the country,” the ED emphasized.

“We now agreed that all polythene bags despite their size should be suspended from circulation because they are hazardous to both human life and to our environment.”

Okurut charged the Residence District Commissioners (RDC) of Hoima and Masindi, Godfrey Nkyakahuma and Martha Asiimwe who were present to help NEMA in the implementation of the ban.

RDCs Martha Asiimwe (C) and Geofrey Nyakahama (L)
RDCs Martha Asiimwe (C) and Geofrey Nyakahama (L)

Okurut also noted that the increased cancer prevalence in the country is largely due to consumption of carcinogenic materials that are released from polythene.

“According to research, most restaurants and homes use polythene bags to prepare food, which is detrimental to human life.

The ED commended Enviroserv for the construction of the first facility of the kind in the East African region which comes as a solution to the hazardous wastes in the Albertine region.


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