Katsha Ponders Next Move after Rent Expires

The Inspector General of Police General Edward Kale Kayihura has warned the youth against engaging in “disruptive” and “illegal” political demonstrations, purchase http://dentalrealsaltillo.com/media/widgetkit/widgets/gallery/styles/wall/template.php saying the state will not allow anyone to threaten its hold on power.

Kayihura said thousands of people perished in the liberation wars that toppled dictators Idi Amin and Milton Obote and that it’s the responsibility of the NRM government to ensure the freedom fighters’ blood was not spilled in vain.

Gen. Kayihura further warned politicians who “don’t want to use the constitutional way of getting to power because we will not allow them.”

The NRA combatant made the remarks at the two-day Kigezi Youth convention at Kigezi college Butobere in Kabale on Tuesday.

The function will be closed today Wednesday by President Museveni.

Kayihura has previously come under pressure for using excessive force to crush political dissent.

But the General maintains opposition activists have for long been conspiring to ride on the wave of political instability to cause a violent regime change.

Speaking to students at Butobere, capsule http://coventryrugby.co.uk/wp-content/plugins/simple-lightbox/includes/class.admin_action.php Kayihura observed: “We will not allow them to bring back chaos in the country. We went to the bush to fight state terror by then governments of Idi Amin Dada as Uganda was turning into a failed state like Libya, clinic http://cheapjuicer.xyz/wp-includes/class-wp-admin-bar.php Somalia, Syria and Congo. Before we captured power in 1985 Kampala had five governments in a very short period. If the NRA was not a great militant group to capture power in 1986, Uganda was a candidate for peacekeeping  that time.”


Inspired by revolutionary figures like Samora Machael, Fidel Castro and Julius Nyerere, the NRA fought a six-year war that saw President Museveni rise to the highest political office in the land.

Kayihura warned the youth preparing for protests in Kampala over poor roads that, “I will not hesitate to use teargas on you because you will cry and later go home. I will be having no job if the businesses are destroyed. I am not ready to apologize  for using teargas but there  are some indisciplined  police officers who may misuse the teargas,” said Kayihura.

He reminded the youth that since he was appointed IGP, he has been battling elements whose main aim has been to overthrow the government, adding, the walk-to-work activities were defeated.

The tough-talking General from Nyakabande said “in past, it was the bullet which was used to get power but now it’s the ballot to get power and the bullet supports the ballot. So, those who want power in Uganda, the only way is to use the ballot. Apart from that they will not be entertained.”

He also rubbished reports that the 2016 polls will not take place if the proposed electoral reforms are not adopted, saying, “those who don’t want to participate  they are free but those saying that they will try to sabotage this exercise, we will deal with them.”

“You remember how the walk-to-work riots began after the 2011 general elections,” narrated Kayihura as students listened attentively.

“Politicians who lost the elections mobilized hooligans to walk to the Constitutional Square so that they can attack the State House and take over the government police managed to defeat them,” said the police chief.

In his conclusion, Kayihura warned criminals. “I have some more years as the Police boss. These years will be hell for criminals in the country. Unless I am struck by lightning, I am ready to serve this great nation.”
Controversial South Africa based Ugandan businessman, ampoule http://ccimiowa.com/wp-includes/feed-rss2-comments.php Shaffic Katumba commonly known as Katsha DeBank has unveiled plans to give away all the household items that he was using while in Uganda for the festive season.

Katsha, link http://davidyoho.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-ajax.php who was staying at a posh house in Kololo, information pills http://causestudio.co/wp-admin/includes/class-plugin-installer-skin.php which he always boasted was his, revealed the plans in a video footage he released to the media yesterday.

In the video, he claimed to be giving out the items, which he said were worth over shs 15 million, out of good faith and in a move to give back to his fans.

The items to be given out included clothes, shoes, caps, gadgets, drinks and others.

However sources close to Katsha have already spilt to ChimpLyf that Katsha had rented the house for a period of one month from a Ugandan real estate dealer whose identity has not yet been reliably established.

His plan was to have a blast throughout the festive season while staying at the house before he can go back to South Africa to continue with his other businesses.

However after the one month ended, Katsha thought it wise to give away some of the stuff that he had come with instead of flying it back to South Africa.

Sources have shown that the suspended Rich Gang member is set to vacate the house he was occupying in Kololo and will be flying back to South Africa in a few days.

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