Kato Lubwama Speaks Out on Slapping Promoter on Live Television; Minister Calls for Action

Information and ICT Minister Frank Tumwebaze has directed the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to look into an incident in which Lubaga South Member of Parliament Hon Paul Kato Lubwama appeared to assault a fellow panelist during a televised talk show.

The Minister, under whose docket falls the communications regulator, says the incident entailed violence, which cannot be allowed on national television.

MP Lubwama during the talk show named Koona ne Miles on Spark TV appeared to slap twice, one of the panelists, a one Andrew Bajjo, who works as a music promoter.

The two were engaged in an altercation about the MP’s proficiency in the English language.

The latter had branded the MP as “stupid,” before they tangled and were separated by the host, Miles Rwamiti.

Lubwama was enraged when Mr Bajjo accused him of being unable to debate with fellow MPs at Parliament in English.

Minister Tumwebaze said UCC together with the National Association of Broadcasters need to “sanitize our broadcasting space,” adding “Violence is not fit content for broadcasting.”

Minister Tumwebaze further warned in a tweet, “I condemn the violence and more so on Air. It offends minimum broadcasting standards that broadcasting entities must adhere to.”


When contacted on phone, MP Lubwama told us he wouldn’t be offering any apology to Mr Bajjo, but to the members of the public for the televised ugly scene.

“I have already apologized to NTV for what I did, but I will not apologize to him,” he said.

The MP described his action as “reflex” and also argued that he didn’t actually slap the promoter.

“I only attempted to slap him. If I had slapped him he’d have fallen down,” he said.

Lubwama further accused Mr Bajjo of being disrespectful not just to him but also other musicians.

“He has abused other legends such as Mesach Semakula and other people in the field. Let him also first apologize to those people. I think other musicians after what I did will also come out and try to punish him.”

Hon Kato Lubwama slaps Bajjo live on TV

Hon Kato Lubwama slaps Bajjo during a live program on TV

Posted by Mbu on Friday, December 21, 2018




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