Kato Lubwama Defends Kayihura over Summoning Defense Committee

Rubaga South Member of Parliament (MP), click http://codapostproduction.com/wp/wp-includes/feed.php Paul Kato Lubwama has attacked the Shadow Minister of Defense, Muwanga Kivumbi for condemning and snubbing a meeting of the Parliament Defense committee with the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

Kato Lubwama who is also a committee member said time had come for Kivumbi to become positive and think of serving the country other than personal interests.

The frustrated shadow minister told the media on Friday morning that it was embarrassing that after a decision was taken by the committee not to handle police matters anymore until Kayihura appears before it in person, the General instead turned around to summon the committee for a meeting at Serena Hotel.

Kayihura reportedly invited MPs through the Committee Chairperson, Judith Nabakoba to meet him at Serena Hotel, an action that contravenes the operations of the house.

However Kato Lubwama who attended the meeting defended Kayihura and accused Muwanga of playing double standards.

“I think Muwanga Kivumbi isn’t positive and impartial at all; we sat in a similar retreat with the UPDF in same venue and he didn’t raise any complaint,” Lubwama said.

“I dont see anything wrong with meeting police for the purpose of improving our country’s security; the retreat is about the capacity building, I don’t want to say that the IGP called us, it is Police and there is a difference between IGP and Uganda Police. The invitation we have is from Police not the IGP.”

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