Katabi Mayor Calls Out UNRA over Delayed Kitara-Gerenge Road Construction

Katabi Town Council Mayor Ronald Kalema has cautioned Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) on the delayed construction of the Kitara- Gerenge road. The road is 10km off the main Kampala-Entebbe road.

“The condition of the road is not good at all, yet as leaders, we thought since UNRA had started on the road works, it would be done in 2 years. They started construction of the road in 2014. They started by paying people and mapping the road but they are not doing anything more,” Kalema said.

The residents of Katabi town council staged a strike two days ago and blocked UNRA trucks from accessing the area claiming that they had not been able to use the water trucks to dampen the roads and reduce the dust as promised.

Appearing on NTV, Kalema said that people’s businesses are affected because of the dust on the road.

“Under all circumstances, UNRA has to water the road but they do that only when they have a part they want to work on. You feel pity for the people whose businesses are affected, therefore, expect more strikes if the road is not worked on,” he said.

Kalema also noted that the strikes from people are justified because they have waited for so long for the road works to be completed, “the problem is with UNRA not the people of Kitara.”

Kalema noted that UNRA tells them that the problem is in the procurement section.

“They tell us that procurement takes long, we want the Executive Director to tell us how long it takes to determine a supplier,” he said.


He added that UNRA should have left the road the way it was before, since it has now become a problem to the residents.

“They should have left the road the way it was. Last year we registered about 12 accidents and a number of boda boda men were killed on the spot,” he mentioned.

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