Kassiano Sworn in to Replace Fallen Col. Abiriga

Hon Kasiano Wadri has taken his parliamentary oath to commence legislation for Arua Municipality.

Kasiano won the contentious election in Arua Municipality on August 15th, defeating the NRM candidate and former EALA MP, Nisura Tiperu, FDC’s Bruce Musema among others.

The Arua Municipality seat became vacant following the brutal murder of the former MP, Ibrahim Abiriga who was gunned down on his way to his home in Kawanda – Wakiso district.

The oath was administered by the Clerk to Parliament Jane Kibirige in the presence of the Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah together with fellow MPs led by the opposition whip Ibrahim Semujju.

Oulanyah, speaking after the swearing in noted that Wadri’s victory gave new confidence in the system and institutions  in the country.

“This gives us some confidence in the systems that function in this country; that the courts still function and that they are still independent which gives out confidence that things can still go on well if we all commit to having things done properly because if there was interference, you wouldn’t be here,” Oulanyah said.

“The charge which is put against you, there would be difficulties in having you granted bail but the independence of the judiciary has been respected and the judge took his decision.”

Wadri, along with three other MPs and members of the public, all totalling 24 were arrested in the violence that preceded the Arua election.


These were detained for 14 days and charged with treason, before being granted bail at the start of this week.

In his comments, Wadri expressed relief that the wish of the people of Arua municipality has been fulfilled. He thanked his constituents and fellow politicians who worked hard to ensure that his victory was not robbed.

Wadri noted that he planned to consult his lawyers on whether or not the court on his travel to Arua as art of his bail conditions could be reviewed.

“My being banished from meeting my people of Arua for a period of 90 days doesn’t not only disadvantage me but also the people of Arua Municipality which means that they are not represented; as a representative of the people, I must represent the views that I collected from my people and I can only talk on their behalf if given an opportunity to interface with them,” Wadri said.

Wadri also thanked people of Gulu for supporting them in the trying times they were going through during incarceration.

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