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KASIWUKIRA PROBE: Business Associates to Make Statements

Police have spoken out on reports that the IGP, link Gen Kale Kayihura, made “partisan remarks” during a lecture at Makerere University last week.

The media quoted Kayihura as saying President Museveni should not leave power.

““I hear some people say agende kuba akaddiye (he should go because he is old). Those who talk like that are sick. There is no one on this continent who has a more youthful vision than Museveni, unhealthy ” the Observer newspaper quoted Kayihura as telling the excited students.

The newspaper added: “Kayihura said Museveni is a rare leader whose vast knowledge of Uganda’s geographical and economic aspects should be emulated by young aspiring leaders. He said it is because of Museveni’s contribution to the peace and economic development of the country that police honoured him recently during its centenary celebrations.

“If some of you do not value him [Museveni], for me I still value him,” he reportedly said.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga on Tuesday morning described the reports as “inaccurate,” adding, “At no time did the IGP, as claimed in the media story, engage in partisan politics, and neither did he comment or make any remarks on whether or not the President should rule in perpetuity.”

“While addressing members of a youth organization at Makerere University, the IGP responded to a previous speaker’s definition of ‘youth’.  He invited the audience to draw a distinction between biological youth, and ideological youth.”

Enanga further pointed out that the IGP “gave the example of the President as a revolutionary with abundance of novel ideas, which makes him ideologically youthful, and contrasted it with some biologically youthful persons who harbour old and outdated ideologies.”


The latest development comes at a time when Kayihura is under immense pressure from the opposition for what it describes as the “militarisation of police” and engaging in partisan politics.

Kayihura is thought to be extremely loyal to President Museveni and maintains a harsh stance on politics of violence.

During the turbulent walk-to-work riots masterminded by the opposition in Kampala, Kayihura used heavily-armed anti-riot police personnel to contain the violence.

The opposition accused him of using excessive force to disperse protesters, a charge he denies.

Enanga said, “These misinterpretations of the speech of the IGP are erroneous, and do not accurately reflect what transpired. We encourage the public to ignore these reports.”
Police have reconstructed the blood-spattered scene where tycoon Eriya Ssebunya alias Kasiwukira was crushed dead by a motor vehicle moments after embarking on his routine morning job in Muyenga, generic a leafy Kampala suburb.

Chimpreports understands Police highly suspect that Kasiwukira was murdered.

However, medications the business community in Kampala has since expressed frustrations with the manner in which police are investigating the incident.

Speaking at the deceased’s memorial service in Muyenga on Sunday, ampoule Godfrey Kirumira, the chairperson of Bagaga Kwagalana, charged: “We are not happy with the way how Kasiwukira’s body was handled by Police especially officers who picked it from the scene of crime. How can Police put the body of an investor who has worked a lot for the good of this economy on a patrol pick up which is used to carry murderers and thugs who have been killed and left on the roadsides?”

He also advised Police to speed up investigations and come up with a clear report on the cause of Kasiwukira’s death, saying, “It was not accident.”

“Police have been putting up rewards for people who help to identify criminals but are yet to do so on this case. Why?  As members of Kwagalana group we shall not sit back but announce a big reward for any person who leads to the arrest of people involved in this murder.”

In addition to serious concerns regarding the initial police investigations and the lack of a preliminary report, police spokesperson Fred Enanga said, “we want to assure the family, close and business associates that it has put resources and a competent investigative team led by the Deputy Director Criminal Investigations, Detective Senior Commissioner of Police, Geoffrey Musana.”

He further said, “They (detectives) have reconstructed the scene to help establish the sequence of events, and recorded several statements which are helping in establishing lines of inquiry.”

Police also admitted “the first police team that responded to the scene failed to professionally secure it by dispersing the crowd that was gathered around the scene, and preserve it for the benefit of the scene of crime experts.”

He added: “Every police officer has knowledge on how to properly protect a crime scene slowly and methodically to help keep the pertinent evidence uncontaminated until it can be recorded and collected. The professional standards unit has commenced investigations into such police conduct.”

Police said the Musana probe team “will also engage the family members, as well as his closest and business associates for their statements as part of the investigations.”

“The Police would like to once again assure the family, close and business associates, as well as residents of a very thorough investigation that will bring justice to the late Eriya Bugembe Ssebunya’s death.”

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