Kasiwukira Case: State Winds Up Submission, Calls for Conviction

State prosecution in the murder case of Eriya Bugembe Sebunya (Kasiwukira) has asked High Court Judge Justice Wilson Masalu Musene to convict his widow Sarah Nabikolo together with her sister Sandrah Nakungu and policeman Ashraf Jadeni for the murder.

The three are said to have plotted the hit and run accident in which the businessman was killed in October 2014 in Muyenga.

In her final submission, check State Attorney Komuhangi Kaukha informed court that all the 23 witnesses who were brought by the prosecution side had clearly shown court the role played by each of the three accused persons in this murder.

She cited for instance the misunderstandings resulting from Kasiwukira marrying a mistress yet he had Nabikolo as the official wife.

“Although in her testimony Nabikolo informed court that they had reconciled with her late husband it was not true because the cause of the misunderstanding was the mistress whom she feared to share with the wealth of her husband and since she was still regarded as the wife the misunderstandings persisted.”

She added that the fact that Kasiwukira always hired a bodaboda rider to keep monitoring the movements of his wife was a sign that he didn’t trust her.

“The suspect could have also murdered her husband to save their children having heard that he had acquired fetishes that required him to sacrifice their children.”

State also cites Nabikilo’s strange conduct after the murder whereby she never bothered to go to a police station to ask about the investigation progress.


“When she was given a chance in court to ask what she wanted, check she only asked to be released from detention instead of asking court to help her find the murderers of her husband, ” said the state prosecutor.

On the participation of Nabikolo’s sister Sandrah Nakungu, the state insisted that she was the owner of the killer Mitshubishi Pajero and she was the mediator between the murderers and Nabikolo, whereby she negotiated the deals on behalf of the widow.

Court had also heard earlier that two days after the burial, Nakungu had told one Johnbosco Kimansuule that she was likely to be arrested over the murder but asked him not to reveal anything to anybody, promising a lot of money in return.

On police officer Jadeni’s participation, the state based on the evidence in the video clip in which he was being pinned by one Adwenyi for his participation.

“He told lies in court when he purported that he didn’t know the widow yet he had been a boyfriend to a sister to Kasiwukira’s wife for over seven years who was working in the hotel of the deceased.

It is not believable that  accused who was a police officer and at times patrolled the residence of the deceased never knew him but he insisted that he only knew the road leading to his home. The deceased was a prominent man who was known by everybody in the area.”

Jadeni is also said to have been seem by Kimansuule seated in the killer car in the morning hours, before the murder.

“Prosecution has proved beyond reasonable doubt that all the accused at various levels participated in the murder of the deceased and pray that court finds each of them culpable and convict them” submitted Kaukha.

The defense is yet to file its final submissions on the above matter

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