Kasingye’s Defence of Social Media Censorship Challenged

Innocent Seguya Taylor, a Ugandan student at Harvard University has challenged the justification given by Police Chief Political Commissar AIGP Asan Kasingye, for his decision to block him on social media.

Seguya recently sued Kasingye, together with President Yoweri Museveni and Government spokesman Ofwono Opondo, accusing them of blocking him on Twitter.

Through his lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi, Seguya contends that he was blocked after engaging the three on several occasions which they didn’t welcome despite the fact that they opened up these platforms to get the views of the public.

These being public officials, he says, their social media pages are sources of public information that no one should be barred from accessing.

Last week, Kasingye formally gave his defence in this matter, saying that his Twitter profile shows clearly that his views are not necessarily those of the Uganda police force and neither do they represent his official position in the force.

He added that he had been advised by his lawyers in the Attorney General’s chambers that Seguya can get information about Uganda or President Museveni via State House on their Twitter handle @StateHouseUg and different newspaper handles on Twitter and television live streaming among other options.

He also said that the same information can be obtained from the Uganda Media Centre via its official Twitter handle @ugandamediacent as well as its website.

Seguya however, yesterday filed a motion asking court to throw out Kasigye’s defence on a number of grounds.


First, he says, Kasingye’s response was filed out of time, since was served on 29th August and he filed his response on 8th November 2019

Seguya also urges that it is unlawful for AIGP Kasingye to swear an affidavit on behalf of President Museveni and Ofwono Opondo

“The affidavit also contains, hearsay and the deponent swears to the matters that are not within in his knowledge” he said.

He added that on several occasions Kasigye has indeed made communications on behalf of the police force on his social media accounts.

“I know there is nothing personal about Police related matters communicated by the deponent, a high ranking officer of the Public body,” he said.

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