Kashari MP Rutashokwa Charged With Theft

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Police in Mbarara have opened theft charges against the Kashari County Member of Parliament Hon Yaguma Rutashokwa.

The legislator is accused of illegally holding a journalist in his car and confiscating his equipment at a function he has organized in his constituency.


Hon Yaguma arrested Ronald Agaba, ailment http://certoclear.com/wp-includes/class-wp-locale.php who reports for Hello newspaper and locked him up in his car after he found him taking pictures at his function.

The MP was distributing Shs 2000 notes to some of the residents, viagra approved http://comarsa.com.pe/components/com_k2/sef_ext/com_k2.php at a local meeting he held at Rwera in Kashari North on Tuesday.

Hon Yaguma also confiscated our reporter’s camera and deleted most of the pictures taken at function.

After four hours of lockdown, Hello’s Agaba was driven by the MP to Mbarara Police station to be jailed for taking pictures on his function without permission.

Citing lack of substance, the police officers opened no charges against the reporter. However, upon hearing his ordeal, they were later compelled to carry out an investigation in his illegal detention in the MPs car, and confiscation of his equipment.

The MP was compelled to produce the reporter’s camera, a mobile phone and money amounting to Shs 80000.

Agaba says he was advised by the RPC Rwizi region Hilary Kurayigye to open up charges against Hon Rutashokwa, which he did after realizing that all the pictures on his camera had been erased.

Mbarara OCCID Chiriga Taban said that the MP will be charged of bribery and theft when once all investigations are complete. The case is registered on SD/REF 45/09/2015

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