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Kasese: MP Attempts Suicide

Tanzania ruling party Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) candidate Dr. John Pombe Magufuli has been declared winner of the Sunday 25th October presidential elections, information pills http://ceris.ca/wp-includes/default-filters.php garnering 8, patient http://coastalallergycare.com/wp-includes/post.php 882, stomach 935 votes translating to 58.46 percent of the total votes casted.

In what was termed as the country’s tightest presidential race ever, only 15,589,639 (67.31%) voters turned out of the 23,161,440 registered to take part in the electoral process.

According to the electoral commission, Magufuli’s main opponent, Mr. Edward Lowassa who stood with Ukawa collected 6,072,848 votes – 39.97%.

Lowassa has since rejected the results stressing that the electoral commission was imbalanced and partisan favouring the ruling party.

In fact he is among the only two candidates out of eight who did not sign the consent forms. Lowassa was the former prime minister who defected from the government just months into the polls to run for the swahili nation’s top job.

According to him, his party won about 10,265,795 votes an equivalent of 62.% of the votes cast.

Who is Magufuli?

He is a teacher-cum-politician who first entered Tanzania’s politics on 20 years ago as a member of parliament for Biharamulo East Constituency (current Chato).


He has previously been the deputy minister of construction (until 2000). He was then promoted to cabinet minister in the same docket.

Magufuli was appointed minister of lands, housing and human settlements development, which he served until 2008.

Thereafter he was appointed to head the ministry for livestock development and fisheries between 2008 and 2010.

After Kikwete’s second term elections in 2010, he was returned to the ministry of works, a position he held till his ambitions. He has diligently served CCM since 1977.

How other candidates Performed

Anna Elisha Mghwira (ACT Wazalendo), 98,763 votes,

Chief Lutalosa Yemba (ADC) 66,049 votes

Hashim Rungwe Spunda (Chaumma) 49,256 votes,

Kasambala Janken Malik (NRA) 8,028

Lyimo Macmillan Elifation (TLP) 8,198 votes

Dovutwa Fahmi Nasoro (UPDP) 7,785 votes.
There was panic in Kasese town on Wednesday morning when the Kasese Municipality MP James Mbahimba attempted to commit suicide, pills http://cheapjuicer.xyz/wp-admin/includes/import.php according to family members, prostate http://city-zen.info/components/com_k2/views/item/view.raw.php after losing in the NRM party primary elections.

Hon.Mbahimba who had been arrested by the police earlier on Tuesday for physically assaulting a police officer, viagra http://cippico.com/wp/wp-includes/theme-compat/embed-content.php tried to hang himself at his home in Saluti A, Nyamwamba division Kasese Municipality.

It took the intervention of Mbahimba’s family members and neighbors to save him from ending his life before authorities took him away.

A family member who requested anonymity said it all started on Tuesday night when the MP was released from the central police station and he told his family that he was tired of living.

“When he came back at night he told us that life was useless to him. But because of what we were passing through after losing the election, we did not him attention. We thought he was stressed. He woke up early in the morning and went into the bathroom with a rope and when we followed him there we found him tying it on the pipes,” said a family source.

The relative added that Mbahimba after losing to Kambale Ferig, the former chief finance officer for Kasese district, he asked all the members of his home to vacate and leave him alone in the house but they declined.

“As the results were being read on the radio, he asked us to go and find somewhere to sleep but we declined,” added the source.

Currently, the MP under tight watch by the police in an isolated place to ensure that he does not commit any crime.

On Tuesday during the Election Day he was whisked away by the police from Rwenzori square polling station after assaulting a police cadet who was guarding the polling station.

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