Kasaija Appeals To Youth On New Technologies


The Minister of Finance Planning and Economic Development Hon. Matia Kasaijja has appealed to the youth to use new technologies to become more efficient in whatever they are doing.

While officially opening the inaugural e – government excellence expo organized by NITA – U in Kampala, Kasaija said there is need to do everything possible to make sure people learn these new technologies which will help them to produce more.

The exhibition was attended by various government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, who showcased their new technologies used to improve on the service delivery.

When asked about government funding to the ICT sector, Kasaija said though the sector is very important, it doesn’t have to take the lion’s share of the budget.

“Don’t look at the quantity of the money. Look at the needs. We don’t simply guess and say that ICT is very important so it takes so much.  It must be tallied to the needs of the year. If you want to increase the money for the sector come to Ministry of finance when we are budgeting, tell us your needs and plans and how much they are going to cost then we will give you money.  The money that was given to ICT sector in the budget is what was asked for,” he said

Vivian Ddambiya, the director technical services at NITA

The new technology services, the minister said, will help to fight corruption.

“It is easier to fight corruption online than when people are contacting each other manually. We can have a system to track down all the conversations. Technology also saves time, energy and money. The economy will even grow faster because people will be concentrating more on production”


Vivian Ddambiya, the director technical services at NITA while responding to the question of the safety of the e- services from cybercrime and threats, said that there is a plan in place to insure trust in these services so that people can use them.

She cited laws that have been introduced to ensure security of the services.

“We also have a computer emergency response team. If you have an issue that has happened to you online, you can report and get helped quickly. We have done a lot of training to judiciary and police to be able handle cases of cybercrime,” she said

She added that cyber security is more about awareness of what people should or shouldn’t do online and as a result NITA is endeavoring to create as much awareness as possible around cybercrime and cyber threats.

The e – government excellence expo was the first of its kind and according to Ddambiya, they look forward to making it an annual event to showcase what government is doing in terms of technology.

“We are advancing technology so that we ease service delivery. What we have done is to extend services to people. People who spend long hours lining up for government services can now do it on their phones,” she added

The event was organized under the theme “Bold digital government: unlocking service delivery”

The fair was attended by various government ministries and agencies which included Ministry of finance planning and economic development, NIRA, NSSF, uganda police, Ministry of agriculture, JLOS among others.

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