Karamoja: Police Officers Decry Long Stay in Same Region

Police officers in Karamoja region, Northern Uganda have expressed concern towards the law enforcement body’s transfer processes and procedures that have left many “stuck” in one place for many years.

The officers aired out their grievance during an ongoing rectification campaign that has been running in the region since last week.

The rectification campaign is a process undertaken by police department of Political Commiserate and man power audit to identify and correct the challenges faced by police officers countrywide.

In a meeting held on Saturday by the head of the man power audit in the police force ACP Simon Peter Wafana, officers decried their long stay in the same region, something they say has jeopardized their policing services since some have become used to the locals to the extent of marrying and starting families with them.

According to the officers, most have stayed for 10, 8 and 5 years.

Wafana, in response, said that he would report the issue to the top police leadership and promised that next year, 2021, “massive transfers and appointments” will be done in the region.

The campaign has been ongoing in Kotido, Napak, Moroto and Kwen districts.

Senior officers from police headquarters led by ACP Wafana and SSP Christopher Kwerit, the Head of the Political Education office of Chief Political Commissar (CPC) are still conducting regional ‘barazas’ in which they engage officers with the core purpose of listening to issues that affect them in their delivery of service to the communities they serve.


“The feedback will be used to improve on the conditions of service delivery for the officers and particularly their welfare,” Wafana said.


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