Karamoja MP Apologizes Over Teso Raids

A Member of Parliament from the Karamoja Sub Region apologized to the Government of Uganda and to the people of the neighboring Teso sub region for the atrocities that Karamojong worriers meted on them over the past number of decades.

Mtheniko County MP John Baptist Lokii said Saturday that he and his tribesmen regretted the inhuman acts during cattle raids in Teso, in which scores of people lost lives others were left homeless.

For the last four decades, Teso has been the primary victim of aggressive acts of heavily armed Karamajong fighters.

These fighters armed with riffles, constantly attacked their southern neighbors in bloody cattle raids.

The Karamojong acquired thousands of guns after they raided a military barracks during the 1979 war that ended the high handed reign of President Idi Amin, and used them to steal cattle from the Iteso, as well as their neighbors in Kenya and South Sudan.

MP Lokii expressed his apologies to government and to the people of Teso during a pass out of 450 Local Defence Unit (LDU) at Olilim Training School in Katakwi district.

The legislator called up his people and those of Teso to work together and aspire to live harmoniously, by always using the legal avenues to address their misunderstandings.

Speaking at the event, Deputy Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Lt Gen Wilson Mbadi commended the UPDF’s 3rd Division Commander, for improving the School.

Mbadi said the school now passes well-disciplined and committed students who are ready and willing to serve the country.

“There is no doubt that the trainees will serve to the expectations of government while reinforcing UPDF and other security forces in enhancing peace and stability within areas they will be working”, Mbandi said.

The 3rd Division Commander, Brig Dick Pritt Olum also thanked, the civilian authorities and leaders for their input during the mobilization process of recruiting  the LDUs,

He added, “The work of Military when there is peace is training and that’s what we have done  for the last 4 months.”

The recruits were from Teso and Karamoja sub regions, who commenced their training in May this year.

They underwent intensive military training in Skills at arms, Human rights, political education, health education, military law and drills.

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