Kanyamunyu Set to Be Arraigned in Court

Police are in the final preparations to arraign Mr Matthew Kanyamunyu, order the key suspect in the fatal shooting of social worker Kenneth Akena, in Lugogo before court for prosecution.

This is according to Police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi, who on Saturday morning spoke at length with NTV about the progressively famous murder case.

Mr. Kanyamunyu and his girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari are still held at Jinja Road Police Station. Kawesi says the suspect Kanyamunyu and his girlfriend will be taken to court at the start of next week.

In the interview, Kaweesi said, “We have delayed to produce Kanyamunyu and others in court because investigating a murder case is very complex and requires time.”


Chimpreports gathered this week that Police have legally obtained permission to hold the suspects for more than the maximum 48 hours from court.

A source close to the investigation also told us anonymously that police have since obtained phone printouts of Mr Kanyamunyu, which indicated that he first contacted a police officer immediately after the shooting.

Preliminary and unconfirmed reports pointed to an argument that ensued as the victim was parking his car near showground, when he scratched the car of Mr Kanyamunyu. This is the point Akena is believed to have been shot and critically injured.

Meanwhile, the police spokesperson also came out to clarify on the various “unanswered queries” that have been raised on the matter, stressing for instance that it is still hard to link the murder weapon to Mr Kanyamunyu

With the gun still missing, Kaweesi said it is not possible to link the bullet recovered from the late Akena’s stomach to the weapon purportedly owned by the suspect.

“So far records show that Kanyamunyu did not have a registered gun. But we are yet to establish more about this matter,” he said.

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