Kanyamunyu Did Not Undergo “Mato-Oput” – Acholi Paramount Chief Clarifies

Acholi Paramount Chief Rwot David Onen Acana II has dismissed claims that his palace recently hosted a “Mato-Oput’’ event as alleged on social media.

“Mato-Oput is an alternative Acholi Justice mechanism where the victim and the offender come together for reconciliation, when they have had a vicious fight causing serious injury or even loss of life on either side.

According to the allegations, the “Mato-Oput” event was between Mathew Kanyamunyu and the family of social worker Kenneth Akena whom he shot dead back in 2016.

‘’There was no ‘’Mato-Oput’’ as is being alleged by the people that Mr. Kanyamunyu has already undergone Mato-Oput,’’ Rwot Acana clarified.

“Mato-Oput is not just a simple matter; what happened here was just the truth telling bit of it.’’

The Paramount Chief who was addressing Journalists recently explained that there are two other phases that an offender has to go through before the actual Mato-Oput, which is the last part of the reconciliation process.

The first he said, is truth-telling; which Kanyamunyu underwent when he came with his clan leaders to Acholi Cultural Institutions.

The 2nd Process is reparation or ‘’Culo Kwo’’ or restitution, while the third is the actual Mato-Oput or the reconciliation which is normally done when the victim’s family feels they have fully recovered from the loss of their relative.


According to Acholi Culture, Mato-Oput can be done between Acholi and fellow Acholi or a foreigner; as long as there is blood spill and loss of life involved.

Meanwhile, Rwot Acana also spoke on the 10 cows and 3 goats that were given as a form of compensation for the death of Akena by the Kanyamunyu family.

He said the animals will not go directly to the family of Akena, but to the clan members of Akena so that they can marry a woman, who will give birth to a child that will be named Akena.

The Paramount Chief also reiterated that the alternative Justice process is not a replacement of the formal Justice system offered by the Courts of Law and he is not in any position to comment or decide on any matter that is before the Courts of Law.

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