Kanungu’s Bronnie Kusiima Named Miss MTN Pulse 2019

MTN Uganda, one of the biggest sponsors of Miss Uganda has Monday 29 announced 18-year old Bronnie Divine Kusiima the rightful winner of this year’s Miss Pulse award.

Kusiima poses for a photo while holding her Shs2M cheque from MTN Uganda

This follows an incident where a one Satina was crowned Miss Popularity, now Miss Pulse during the Miss Uganda grand finale on Friday 26 at Sheraton Hotel Kampala.


After critically reviewing results of the two platforms whose votes were to be tallied in order to determine the winner, Kusiima had a total of 15,971 while Anshemeza had a total of 4,534.

These were the right results after the whole tabulation process

Officials revealed that during the announcing, only the Miss Uganda App results were considered, making Santina Anshemeza the winner.


Speaking at the event held on Monday 29 at Sheraton Hotel Kampala, Brenda Nanyondo, CEO Miss Uganda said that the tabulation was only done on the MTN Pulse Microsite without considering the Miss Uganda app.

Kusiima is currently on her Senior six vacation,she will be joining University for a Bachelors degree in Nursing

“According to the summation of both the MTN website and the Miss Uganda app votes, Bronnie Devine Kusiima is the Miss Pulse Winner. We highly regret the inconvenience caused by Friday’s announcement.”



She apologized to MTN as the main sponsor, the contestants and the fans who voted in big numbers.


“We also take the opportunity to thank everyone for the continued support in making this year’s pageant the biggest and most successful in the history of pageants in Uganda,” she added.


The new results show that Kusiima got a total of 15,971 votes followed by Gift Kabahemba with 14,678 ,Mariam Mohamed with 11,934 ,while Santina Ashemeza coming in forth with 4,534votes.

Kusiima was given Shs2M, a brand new Samsung S10e smart phone loaded with 4,500 voice minutes and 30GB data every month for one year including a one-year brand ambassador contract with MTN Pulse.

Kusiima will be the MTN Pulse ambassador for a whole one year

Oliver Nakakande the reigning Miss Uganda 2019/2020 and the first runner up, Elizabeth Bagaya were also equally given the 4,500 voice minutes and 30GB data every month for one year by MTN Uganda. They also received other gifts including;Club membership cards from Sheraton among others.


Speaking at the same event,Aly Alibhai, Talent Africa boss revealed that Miss Talent  Mariam Mohamed together with Santina Ashemeza will be having Talent Africa contract.


Additionally, Ashemeza will be having a one year paid internship and free mentorship with Purpose Africa.

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