Kansanga Collapsed Building: Property Owner, KCCA Engineers On the Run – Police

Police is hunting for the property owner of the building that collapsed in Makindye division on Saturday night killing 13 people and injuring 4 others.

Police is also looking for engineers from Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) who are accused of failing to perform their duties which led to the fatality.

Addressing the press in Kampala, Police spokesman Fred Enanga said “Investigations are progressing and now we’re looking for the owner of the structure that is Kalanzi Abraham, he switched off his phones and is in hiding.”

Enanga says detectives are also looking for the site engineer only identified as Bandi of Trinity Property and Construction Agency to explain on how the site was being constructed.

“We are also looking for the KCCA Planning Engineer to also come and give us a statement,” Enanga said

Investigators also collected samples of materials that were being used such as cement, iron bars among other materials that were taken to the government laboratory for examination.

Ministers, Gen Katumba Wamala and Kampala’s Minister Betty Amongi blamed the accident on KCCA negligence.

According to preliminary finds, there were no technocrats such as site Engineers, Architects and building plans.


Authorities also revealed that they established that KCCA despite claims of giving notice to the developer to stop construction, no follow up was made.

“The owner of the building is liable and should compensate anybody affected by the effect of the building collapse,” said Minister for Kampala Betty Amongi

” He should be held accountable and the Directorate of Physical Planning in KCCA, they should not have ended on notice.”

Police said they have concluded the search under the rubble and identified victims of the accident.

Two of the injured persons who survived with critical injuries are Kabanda Juma and Mitana Kenneth.

The dead are; Lawrence Musasizi, a one Cyrus, Tadeo Muwaya, Yusuf Munwagi, Jackson Manda, Moses Sebulime and Isma Kalulu.

The others are one Umaru, Senyondo Sharifu, Busulwa Henry, Lutwama Paddy, Omollo David and Charles Kalanzi.

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