Kamyuka to Appeal 3 Year Sentence

High court judge Wilson Kwesiga yesterday sentenced Ivan Kamyuka who was convicted of Manslaughter of Johny Ahimbisbwe, to three years in jail.

Kamyuka had initially been indicted with murder charges; but after court weighing the evidence produced by the prosecution, made a finding that he didn’t act with malice but in self-defence after being provoked by the deceased who had attacked his wife (Nina Nyarwaha)

The court sentenced Kamyuka to 5 years in Prison, but deducted the 15 months period he spent on remand before being granted bail.

He will thus serve 3 years and 9 months in jail.

Prosecution had asked for 15 years imprisonment sentence, regarding the case as serious in nature.

Defense lawyer Henry Kunya however, informed court that the convict is a law a bidding citizen who has never skipped bail and that he had since been taking care of the late  Johny’s orphan; hence deserving of a lenient sentence.

In his ruling, Justice Kwesiga observed that Kamyuka is a young man who can reform, thereby declining the 15years punishment that was earlier asked by prosecution.

Even then, Kamyuka’s lawyer Julius Galisonga was unhappy with the verdict and revealed that they are going to appeal both the conviction and the sentence.




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