Kamya Blames Flooding In Kampala On Residents

The minister of Kampala, Betty Kamya, had said the people of Kampala are the leading cause of flooding in the city.

While speaking to journalists at Hotel Africana, Kamya said many people have constructed in wetlands and waterways, and continue to dispose plastic and other waste materials in water channels.

“If you don’t do things that cause floods, there will be no floods. I call upon people to stop throwing waste in water channels and not to build where they are not supposed to build. Respect wetlands. The problem of flooding is people generated,” she said

Kamya added however, that KCCA is working towards resolving the problem.

“We are working on it and we shall resolve it. It requires a lot of money, over 100 billion shillings. But if people don’t change their ways we still have a problem of floods,”

While responding to question on some buildings being constructed at night, Kamya said that those who construct at night to avoid KCCA inspectors are part of the problem.

She however defended construction of buildings at night as long as the engineers have a plan for the building.

“If you have a plan for the building, you have lights and you follow the law then it’s ok you can go ahead and construct at night. Building at night is not a problem, the problem is building at night to avoid KCCA inspectors,” she said


She also blamed the collapse of walls and buildings on use of adulterated materials, unqualified engineers and unapproved plans.

On the issues of street Children, Kamya said all preparations of relocating streets kids are over and that the Ministry of youth and children affairs in partnership with KCCA are only waiting for resources from Central Government to do the exercise.

She added that the exercise is likely to begin in July this year.

Furthermore, the Minister said that she has called a meeting of all the mayors of various divisions of Kampala to discuss the issue of property tax that has sparked public outcry.

“I have heard the public outcry on property rates and I have called the meeting of mayors and we are going to discuss this matter. We are the administrators of the people therefore when there is public outcry, we respond and address the matter.”

Recently, landlords from Kawempe division asked KCCA to reconsider property tax levied on their buildings during recently concluded property valuation exercise.

Landlords also protested the valuation of residential buildings, something they argue is against the property rating Act which exempts all residential buildings.

They claim the recently concluded valuation of buildings that will pay property tax was done unfairly.

Kamya added that people don’t avoid tax but they rather want to pay reasonable tax and also witness the value for their money.

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