Kampala’s New Breed of Social Media Queens Unveiled

Social media has evolved over the past few years. From a pass-time-platform to a money-minting forum.

As many brands and personalities grow, social media Queens too grow.

The old crop usually gets phased out as they don’t last to see their first anniversary as social media bigwigs.

There are a few personalities who are taking over the cyber streets each day that passes.

These ladies have continued to attract huge traffic to their accounts, usually for fashion or otherwise.

Below are some of the new girls taking social media by storm.

Graciella Fabiola  [gra_ciella79]

Unclear as her Instagram username sounds, Graciella is known, among other things, for being Anita Fabiola’s stylish younger sister.


Graciella is one lady you’d refer to a fashionista or, for lack of better words, a slay queen.

Just like her elder sister, she is fashionably upright and likes not-so-public outings.

She usually hangs out with one or two friends at restaurants and other secluded places.

She commands a following of about 7,035 fans despite her low-key lifestyle.

Graciella with Fabiola

Vanessa Miriam [Karmanessa]

Vanessa is not your ordinary Kampala girl. She has guts of an East-Coast socialite and looks of a Ugandan girl.

She’s brave and extra-ordinarily free with her body.

Not so long ago, a very private video of her leaked online while she danced to WizKid’s “Wine to the top” ft. Vybz Kartel.

In the 13-second video, seemingly intended for private consumption, her private parts were on full display.

The trauma of her video going public also saw her take down her social media accounts until the dust settled.

Vanessa is a sister to another renowned city fashionista and socialite Jenny Kembabazi.
A quick look at her Instagram account [Karmanessa] leaves one astonished with how confident she can get in her own skin.

Vanessa likes hanging out at swimming pools, beaches and other related recreational spots.

Janet Mbabazi Kombo [n_supersexy]

Janet, unlike others, has managed to maintain her position on the social grid.

She has been around from the days of “Njogereza” and “Kabulengane” challenges.

Remember the girl who stunningly slayed the two aforementioned challenges? That’s her.

Born in Rwanda and married to a white guy, Mbabazi is famous for her suggestive clips on Instagram and extremely eye-catching photos on facebook.

Janet also starred in Bebe Cool’s 18 and over video as a vixen.

Due to her sky-rocketing social media following [79.8k followers], Janet started an online fashion house named “Supersexy Fashions.”

On Instagram, she runs under a username “N-Supersexy”.

Unapologetic Eve

Eve is a definition of a beauty with brains. She’s a social media influencer and die-hard fan of reggae music.

If there’s anything she would jealously protect, it’s her dreadlocks.

With a following of about 27.3k  fans on Instagram, Eve has not only used her platform to showcase her fun side, but to influence for brands too.

She is usually at Valhalla bar every Thursday during the weekly Jamrock nights.

From her love for reggae, Eve was recently rumored to be dating renowned Radiocity spinner DJ Ciza.

Watch out for another episode of budding social media queens.

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