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Kampala Thief Arrested in Rwanda

The chairman Electoral Commission (EC), more about Eng. Dr. Badru Kiggundu has highlighted the need for stringent laws against splashing money during election campaigns which is increasingly mounting up to election malpractice.

Kiggundu noted that the electoral laws within the country are still deficient concerning the dishing out of money by candidates, viagra 40mg which has turned into general commercialization of the elections.

“We are talking to some development partners to see if they have strategies that can be borrowed to avoid the vice,” noted Kiggundu while announcing the road map to Bugiri district Chairperson By-elections at the EC headquarters.

This was in response of the call by the Anti-corruption Coalition to put up a maximum limit of money that should be spent by a candidate during campaigns.

Bugiri has been missing district leadership since May 8 last year, when court sentenced the district chairman Marijan Azalwa, and the vice chairman, Socrates Nambiro Mukisa, and six other people to eight months in jail for assaulting and causing bodily harm to one Daudi Mulengani.

Kiggundu noted that the nomination of candidates shall be conducted on Monday 23rd to 24th February 2015 at a designated venue.

“Campaigns meetings shall be held for a period of twenty one days from 25th February to 17th March and polling shall take place on Thursday 19th March at all polling stations in Bugiri District.”
A video has been released by an International wildlife organization Pathera Cats, order of one of the least known and most elusive wild cats on earth – the African golden cat – hunting during daylight in Kibale National Park. This it says is the feisr of its kind to be captured in the world.

This new footage shows an African golden cat hunting red colobus monkeys gathered around and feeding on the dead wood of a tree stum.


It was recorded with a camera trap set by Samuel Angedakin, buy Kibale Project Manager for the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology’s Pan African Programme:  The Cultured Chimpanzee, in collaboration with Uganda Wildlife Authority [UWA] and the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology.

The African golden cat is found only in the forests of Central and West Africa, and grows to the size of a bobcat, weighing between 5-16 kilograms.

Cat attacks monkeys in new footage
Cat attacks monkeys in new footage

Very few western scientists have observed the living animal in the wild and almost all records of the African golden cat consist of photographs taken by remote camera traps, or of dead animals (usually killed by local hunters).

Today, this forest-dwelling species is threatened across its range by intensive bush meat hunting (the hunting of wild animals for meat) and loss of habitat due to deforestation.

Kibale Forest, where the golden cat is, remains the region’s top predator since the local extinction of the leopard.

“We know a lot more about golden cats than we did a few years ago and yet we still know almost nothing about their behavior,” says Panthera.

“Primatologists in Kibale have observed monkeys emitting alarm calls at golden cats on several occasions and, considering this latest evidence, it’s not hard to see why.”

Kaplan Scholar and graduate student, Laila Bahaa-el-din, notes “An adult red colobus monkey is a considerable opponent for an African golden cat. With the golden cat failing to make a fatal bite immediately on ambush; it had to make a hasty retreat.”

He added, “Watching a golden cat in full ambush of large monkeys in this video provides hunting details we could previously only piece together from brief sightings.”

“It also portrays nicely why monkeys might mob a golden cat, as can be seen in the unique footage of a golden cat trying in vain to catch a cat nap while precariously perched in the fork of a tree.”

According to our corps inside SC Victoria University dressing room, pills Uganda’s 2015 Africal competitions representatives URA and KCC have confirmed their interest in central defender Savio Kabugo.

“I have had successful negotiations with KCC and URA, malady ” he revealed.

League champions KCC actually submitted a 22-man squad to the Caf Champions League reserving a slot for him if the deal falls through.

Savio Kabugo (in his early 20s)– before the Chan tournament in South Africa January had fruitless trials with Bidvest Wits, has played over 100 games for SCVU and non league side Kamwokya in his 5 year career and is a regular in the Uganda Cranes backline now.

Kabugo’s recent rise in stoke started in earnest when Cranes coach Micho Sredojevic handed him a surprise senior competitive debut away in Ghana early September, has attracted some positive nods. He has since been involved in the next four Nations Cup qualifiers including a clean sheet in the 2-0 home victory over Guinea.

Kabugo heads his most important goal against Ghana last year.
Kabugo heads his most important goal against Ghana last year.

He missed training again today and was spotted at URA’s friendly game against Kiira Young on Thursday

ChimpReports can confirm that his current club, SCVU, would want at least Ushs25m for one of the club’s most experienced players and important figures.
Rwanda National Police (RNP) has handed over half a million Francs (Shs5m) to Ugandan authorities, page after it was recovered from a suspected thief who had crossed into Rwanda.

The money was handed over by Commissioner for Interpol, mind Assistant Commissioner of Police, nurse Tony Kuramba, to Ugandan Police Assistant Commissioner of Police, Patrick Lawot, at the RNP Headquarters in Kacyiru.

The suspected thief is a 26-year old Burundian national, Shadrack Mugwaneza, who was arrested in a lodge in Nyabugogo on January 20, shortly after he had arrived in Kigali from Kampala.

Upon arrest, he was searched and found to be in possession of Rwf 509, 000 which was confiscated, pending further investigations, according to the Police Spokesperson, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Celestin Twahirwa.

“We received information from our Ugandan counterparts that a suspect had stolen money worth 5.3 million Ugandan shillings, from a colleague with whom they worked at a petrol station in Kampala. They alerted us that he might be trying to flee to Burundi through Rwanda,” CSP Twahirwa said in a statement seen by Chimpreports on Friday.

“So, we were vigilant enough at the borders and when he arrived, we tracked his every movement until he was apprehended in Nyabugogo. Through Interpol, we share critical information on criminals. This culture of sharing information has reduced cross-border crimes,” he added.

Uganda’s Assistant Commissioner of Police, Patrick Lawot, commended RNP for its professionalism and high level of trust indicated by handing over the money.

“Rwanda Police has again indicated to us that we can always rely on them for high level investigations and professionalism. We appreciate the professional gesture and we will endeavour to cooperate in order to enforce law and order in our countries,” he said  on Thursday after receiving the money.

“Once we hand over the money back to the owners, we are certain that the business community back at home will appreciate more such good cooperation.”

Both law enforcers are finalizing the transfer of the Burundian suspect to Uganda where he will be prosecuted for his alleged crimes.

According to Lawot, two other suspects in connection to the crime are still on the run and investigations are ongoing to apprehend them.

This becomes the second time in less than a month that RNP hands over stolen money to Uganda.

On December 31 last year, RNP handed over Rwf8 million to a Ugandan businessman which had been stolen from him in Kabale, South Western Uganda.

RNP intervened after Police in Kabale arrested one of the suspects who said he had sent some of the money to his relatives’ bank account in Rwanda.

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