Kampala Rolex Festival 2019: Strict Hygiene Rules Event

For the first time,the Rolex festival is happening at Lugogo Cricket Oval which is one of the biggest venues in town.
Thousands of revelers enjoying the event
We can report that the festival is no longer it used to be; where revelers would just go and eat and probably drink,but this edition has seen so many changes as compared to the previous editions.
Enid Mirembe, the CEO of Rolex Initiative which organizes the festival said during the launch of the event that this years’ edition was going to check on hygiene as one of the most crucial elements that will supplement the increasing popularity of the snack event.
Chapattis being displayed for sale at the event
She was indeed right,our team has been on ground and witnessed that hygiene is the order of the day as every stall is under close inspection from the concerned authorities.
Speaking to Chimpreports,a one Eric Riley,head of marketing and operations Cafe Montana said that they have been given strict regulations to ensure people’s health is not at risk.
When asked to comment on the event’s progress,he said, “this is the best edition ever ever since the inauguration.
We have so far sold more than 1000 piecesof Rolex.”
Some of the different types of Rolex at the event include; Chicken,Beef,plain and Kampala Rolex among others.
Rolex, a roll of a chapatti and fried eggs, is now known not only as the most popular street delicacies in Uganda,but as well as one of the Country’s foodies in the World.
The event has so far seen performances from local entertainers Kappa among others.
We shall keep you updated as events unfold.
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