Kampala: Roads Closed Off for Presidential Nominations

The Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety has Friday afternoon released a detailed security and traffic plan to be followed in Kampala on Monday October 2 and Tuesday October 3, the presidential nomination days.

The stringent guidelines apply to both the public and the presidential aspirants with their entourage.

Both the public and aspirants have been restricted from accessing some areas for security purposes and also to enforce the Ministry of Health SOPs against Covid-19, the officialS said.

“The National Electoral Commission will conduct Presidential Nominations on 2nd and 3rd November 2020 at Cricket Grounds Kyambogo. Therefore, the following traffic guidelines will be in place,” said the commandant of Kampala Metropolitan Traffic police SSP Norman Musinga in a statement.

According to Musinga, motorists will be diverted at Spear Motors (IOV), Banda Trading Centre, Kireka Trading Centre, Kigobe Road at National Council of Higher Education and Jokas Hotel.

Other motorists heading to Jinja from Kampala will have access through Old Port Bell Road, Spring Road via Kireka Road to Kinawataka and join Kampala – Jinja Highway at Bweyogerere Trading Centre.

The second access will be via the New Port bell Road Nakawa, Chwa II Road, Kinawataka, Jokas Hotel and join Kampala – Jinja Highway at Bweyogerere Trading Centre.

Those using New Port bell Road, Ismail Road or via Kireka Road heading to Kinawataka Road will join Kamapala – Jinja Highway at Bweyogerere Trading Centre.


The traffic commandant, however, said that  Kyambogo Cricket Ground (Presidential Nomination Center) will only be accessible to Presidential aspirants, their recommended number of people accredited by Electoral Commission and Electoral Commission Officials.

The accredited VIPs will access the Nomination Centre through Kyambogo Road, Kyambogo University Western gate and park as will be directed by Traffic Police.

He warned that no unauthorized motor vehicles will be allowed along Jinja road from spear motors junction.

“Access to Kyambogo University will be restricted to only accredited persons. There will be no access to other motorists intending to use the Kampala – Jinja Highway between Spear Motors and Kireka Trading Centre except members of Electoral Commission, Presidential Aspirants, Service Vehicles, Emergency Vehicles and Security Vehicles,” he said.

Safety measures have also been put in place and the emergency vehicles (Fire brigade, Ambulances and Medical Team) will access the venue through Banda.

At the University, the Eastern gate will be the exit route for emergency vehicles and aspirants will exit through Kyambogo University, Faculty of Engineering and join Kigobe Road at National Council of Higher Education.

Also Heavy trucks will not be allowed along Kampala – Jinja Highway. Those from Eastern will be diverted from Namboole Round about to Northern bypass  and those from Western will be diverted at Busega round about through Northern by pass to Kalerwe Round about-Gayaza and follow the same route to Jinja.

All junctions that join Kampala – Jinja Highway between Spear Motors (IOV) and Kireka Trading Center will be cut off; therefore no vehicle shall access the Highway.

Other guidelines to take note of include;

Presidential aspirants will not be allowed to access the Central Business Centre; therefore all roads leading to the Central Business District will have restricted access.

No procession along the road will be allowed before, during and after nominations.

Presidential Aspirants will park at the parking adjacent to the nomination Centre.

Motorists accompanying the presidential aspirants will park adjacent to the Western gate as will be guided by Traffic Police.

Parking along the road is prohibited, motor vehicles found abandoned by the road side will be towed to the nearest Police Stations at the owners cost and inconvenience.

Residents that will be affected by the Traffic diversions will be allowed to move out but expected to come back after nominations.

Diversions of motor vehicles will start at 0500 hrs on 2nd November, 2020 until the end of the function on 3rd November, 2020.

Traffic Police in conjunction with other security agencies will erect snap check points in all routes used by Presidential aspirants.

Boda boda riders will not be allowed beyond all the cut off points.

Any motorist who contravenes provisions of Traffic Regulations will be dealt with in accordance with the Traffic and Road Safety Act 1998.

All presidential aspirants and other road users are advised to comply with the above Traffic Guidelines to avoid inconveniences.


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