Kampala Celebrates French Wine,Cuisine at the Beaujolais Nouveau Party

Ugandans together with the French and other nationals have celebrated French wine and Cuisine in Beaujolais Nouveau party held on November 24 at Kabira Country Club.

Over 800 guests comprising of company CEO s and staff, the Diplomatic Corps, expatriates, French and Francophone community, socialites and revelers who graced the evening event were treated to the Beaujolais’ new red wine, over 20 varieties of the French gastronomy, including cheese, bread and the traditional “charcuterie” (cold cuts).

Organized under the auspices of the Embassy of France in Uganda, the Club d’Affaires de Kampala, an umbrella body of French, Francophone and Ugandan businesses, the 2018 edition of the Beaujolais Nouveau wine party guests had a touch off French foods, Music and dances among others.

Bettinah Tianah was among the invited Guests at Beaujolais Nouveau party

H.E Stephanie Rivoal, the French ambassador in Uganda observed that Beaujolais Nouveau does not only embrace French wine but is used to celebrate the togetherness of the two Countries.

“The Beaujolais Nouveau celebrates not only French wine but also, and most importantly, our differences, our resemblances and our togetherness,” H.E Rivoal observed.

Ambassador Rivoal also added that it was a very opportune occasion to witness many different people from various Countries, share food, drinks and dance.

Koona Dance,the French Ambassador showing off her rare dance styles

“It was so enriching to see so many people from different countries share food, drinks and dance together in the true spirit of Beaujolais Nouveau,” added Rivoal.

Mr. David Gerard, President of the Club d’Affaires de Kampala, announced that about  486 litres of Beaujolais Nouveau wine and 200 kilos of French local delicacies were specifically imported into the country for the occasion.

Guests enjoying the Beaujolais Nouveau moments at Kabira Country Club

The Beaujolais Nouveau is a unique opportunity for the French community and its Ugandan partners and friends to look back at the achievements made over the year and celebrate the promising transactions between Uganda and France. It is a festive occasion for the French and francophone businesses to share with their employees, partners and all Ugandans who contributed to strengthen the solid ties between the two countries.

Guests being entertained

France is a top world’s producer and exporter of wine. In 2017, France produced 3.67 billion litres of wine (behind Italy 4.25 billion litres) and exported 1.54 billion litres (behind Spain and Italy who exported 2.21 and 2.14 billion litres respectively), but earned 8.989 billion euros, the highest export figure in the world, ahead of Italy’s 5.873 billion euros. Last year, France was also the world’s second biggest consumer of wine, with 51.2 liters consumed per person aged 15 years and above. The French produce a very high value-added wine, considering that it represents 3 % of the country’s arable land but 15 % of its agricultural income.

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