Kampala Anti-Riot Police Complete Training Ahead Of Hectic Political Season

Over 300 anti-riot police officers from different policing divisions in Kampala have Friday completed refresher training and passed out.

The officers who underwent the two weeks public order management course at Namboole Stadium came from the policing divisions that make up Kampala metropolitan police.

According to police, the process of training personnel who handle riots is going to be a continuous one purposely to better their performance and give them physical fitness to do their work.

Police authorities recently said that they’re going to train all officers under the Field Force Unit (FFU) before the country goes to the next political season and general elections.

ACP Sam Omala hands a certificate to one of the Anti Riot Police officers at Namboole stadium on Friday

“The training started in Kampala and is going to roll out to other parts of the country,” said ASP Moses Wanyama the officer in charge of training in FFU.

He stressed that initial process in Kampala has been tremendous and that the purpose has been achieved.

While passing out the officers, Assistant Commissioner of Police and Adminstrator of the police Unit, Sam Omala told officers that they are mandated to make the country a better place to live.

He expressed confidence that “with the training, there is no doubt that his men will perform well.”


Mr Omala has in the recent past been known for crashing many riots in Kampala city when he was commander of anti-riot police.

“My appeal to you is that let’s do this work in a professional manner that does not give discredit to the government that pays our salary,” he told the officers.

He added that when they perform their duties professionally, they will not have problems with both the police administration and the law.

“Everything you do, do it with in the law and the confinement of the law and nothing will go wrong,”Omala said.

In his explanation why the training started in Kampala, Omala states that Kampala city is the eye of Uganda therefore if police wants to stabilize the country, they have to start by stabilizing Kampala.

“However much the other parts of Uganda is stable when Kampala is in a mess, the whole country is in a mess,” he said.

He urged officers to work with integrity, compassion and just given the task ahead.

Omala appealed to the policemen to do their work in the most professional manner “So that in the course of doing your work you may not end up in Luzira for professional failures,” he said.

“We are training you so that you can avoid whatever mistake coming, be careful not to go beyond the law,” he added.

He told the officers to always be fair when handling political situations saying that none of the politicians is an enemy of the country.


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