Kalinge-Nnyago Quits JEEMA Top Position  

The suspected killer of Makerere University student, Desire Mirembe, viagra 40mg believed in Hyper-Grace Gospel which does not recognize sins including murder, a religious leader has revealed.

Mirembe’s body was last week found in a sugarcane plantation in Lugazi along Jinja highway, with her head cut off.

The gruesome incident shocked the nation, considering that the victim had travelled from her campus in Kampala to Jinja for a fellowship.

Apostle Edward Ssewanyana of Worldwide Apostolic Church said Sunday that, “The last SMS message she (Mirembe) sent was saying that a member from her Hyper-Grace fellowship was trailing her in Jinja.”

Ssewanyana pointed out that the suspect, who is now under arrest, was her former boyfriend who had been part of the controversial religious movement.

“The hyper-grace movement teaches that there is nothing like sin in the New Testament,” says the city pastor.

“It says that murder, rape or any other crime for that matter is not a sin. That is what her murderer was taught and believed.”

The shocking revelation underscores the need to scrutinize religious activities in the country.


Women have been raped, children abused and the gullible defrauded by people posing as men of God in Uganda.

Ssewanyana said the religion of the murder suspect and the deceased “teaches that no matter how many sins a person commits, they do not have to repent of them and the loving New Testament God will let them into heaven anyway.”

He also revealed that, ‘This teaching indirectly promotes lawlessness and has been known throughout church history as the heresy of Antinomianism or Marcionism.”

Mirembe was laid to rest in Kalungu District this week.

But police vowed an in-depth inquiry into the incident.

Marcion teachings 

Ssewanyana today said the Hyper-Grace teaching is not a “new revelation” but rather a regurgitation of the old heresy of Marcion.

“This heresy was vehemently opposed by the early church fathers like Ireneaus (in Against Heresies) and Bishop Polycarp (a disciple of Apostle John). Ecclesiastes 1:9,” he added.

Contrary to such teachings, argued Ssewanyana, the Bible tells us that; “Repentance and confession of sin is necessary according to 1 John 1:9.

He maintained that if followers confess their sins, God is faithful and will forgive and cleanse them from all unrighteousness.
Opposition JEEMA party Deputy Secretary General, sildenafil Omar Dawood Kalinge-Nnyago has resigned, prostate Chimp Corps report.

The resignation is likely to shock party members considering that   JEEMA’s 5th National Delegates Conference is just two weeks away.

In the letter dated July 19 which ChimpReports has seen, visit this Kalinge tells his party president Asuman Basalirwa he is quitting with “great pleasure” and “personal relief.”

He said the move is intended to pave way for the search for a new office bearer.

“I have been informally communicating this decision, which I took on January 3rd 2015 when I turned 52 years old, to members and fellow leaders,” said Kalinge.

“With just weeks to the 5th National Delegates Conference, this is the best time to formally do so,” he added.

The development comes against the backdrop of violent internal power struggles that saw Basalirwa temporarily toppled as JEEMA president in January 2015.

The youth said then that despite being a “revolutionary party” that embraces democratic principles, JEEMA has “over the years grown weaker and weaker, through the actions of its present leaders.”

The anti-Basalirwa camp said as young people who have been nurtured in revolution and who fully understand the implications of inaction, “we must take charge now.”

The youthful members said the current party leaders do not have time for the party thus grounding the organisation’s operations and continue to flout the basic laws of internal democracy by failing to hold the mid-Term National Delegates’ Conference which should have been convened in 2012.

The youth further faulted Basalirwa’s leadership of falling short of establishing an office to cater for youth employment, “yet many JEEMA leaders and senior members own businesses and they head both private and public institutions that are well known and many of them have contacts abroad where JEEMA youth can be assisted to get work.”

Kalinge resignation

Kalinge told this website in a statement that having served JEEMA since its inception in 1995 (the announcement was made in 1996) he will not be seeking another political position in the party at the next National Delegates Conference.

“I strongly believe that it is time for the new generation of JEEMA leaders to take over from where we have let off,” he argued.

Kalinge assured that he had left the party “better organised, with a fully-fledged secretariat, accountability systems, some operational district and regional offices, functional Youth and Women’s Leagues (which I regard as the ‘twin engines’ of any party), and ongoing development partnerships.”’

He, however, noted that, “Still, more work needs to be done. I am confident that are enough JEEMA leaders with the capacity and motivation to do the job.”

He promised to be available for any technical input that may be required of me in the future.

“I thank all those who have supported me in these challenging 20 years of volunteer service to JEEMA and to sincerely apologize to those whom I wronged or disappointed in one way or another during the execution of my duties in the different capacities.”

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