Kalembe Opens Up On Why She Couldn’t Support Bobi Wine

The sole female presidential candidate, Nancy Kalembe has down played the capability and qualifications of National Unity Platform party (NUP)’s presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, saying that she could not even consider withdrawing her presidential bid in favor of someone whom she defeats in every aspect including age, experience and qualifications.

“I received pleas from several people who wanted me to support my young brother Kyagulanyi, but look, I am 40 years old meaning that I am older than him, when we come to experience, I am better than him so I could not accept,” she said;

“I will offer Bobi Wine a good job in my government because I am the one who has politics of issues not hate,” she added, without disclosing which type of job.

Kalembe says she is the only presidential candidate with qualification than anyone else, despite  being the only female candidate in the race,

“I have spent 26 years preparing for this, some of the candidates rose up two to five years ago, after failing to get what they wanted,” she noted.

Kalembe was on Monday officiating at the launch of NOWIP-Press, a digital platform that will amplify the voices of women politicians.

The launch was organized by the Network for Women in Politics, in partnership with the Uganda Media Women Association (UMWA) and the Demographic Governance Facility under the theme: Promoting Digitized voices for Women in Politics).

At the event, Kalembe castigated fellow women, whom she accused of tirelessly working towards demoralizing those who rise up.


“It was women who came up to fight me when I announced my bid. I think it is time as women to come up and support our own than involving in these cat wars,” she said.

“People think that I am here for a job yet I left a well-paying job from the petroleum industry and came up to change this country strategically without the politics of hate,” he said.

According to Kalembe, Uganda needs a mother who will heal all the wounds of its people,

“I see most of them speaking that he must go but no one is offering an alternative plan B after his exit yet me having served in almost every sector I know what we need to do to revive our country,” she said

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