Kagoma County Parliamentary Loser Kintu Wants Constituency Split

The Kagoma parliamentary by-election closest contender Alex Brandon Kintu has finally rescinded his earlier stand of taking a protracted legal battle to challenge the outcome of the April 13th, stuff seeking the split of the county into two.

Mr Kintu, this on Thursday afternoon led a group of about 100 people from Kagoma to deliver to the speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga a petition seeking to divide Kagoma County into two constituencies.

“We are taking our petition that is signed by over 20, 000 voters from Kagoma in fulfillment of the requirement that people of the area must express interest in the quest by drafting and assenting to the petition,” he said.

After presenting their petition, the issue of division of Kagoma County will now be handled by parliament and if granted as proposed, the petition would have a competitive advantage in Kagoma North that is constituted of Buwenge Town council, Buwenge Rural and Buyengo Sub County where he has overwhelming support.

The other constituency proposed is Buwenge West covering Butagaya and Budondo counties where the incumbent legislator Moses Walyomu Muwanika enjoys landslide support.

Mr Kintu, an NRM inclined who contested as an independent and came second in the hotly contested race of four political elephants had earlier threatened to go back to court to challenge the re-election of the NRM flag bearer Moses Walyomu Muwanika citing numerous irregularities backed by what he described as empirical evidence.

“We have enough evidence of electoral irregularities ranging from voter bribery, voter intimidation and torture to ballot stuffing and I am harmonizing issues with my lawyers to apply for application to challenge the results,” Kintu said a day after the polls and subsequent declaration of the winner.

However, the youthful politician was a week after paraded before the NRM party national chairman president Yoweri Museveni by the NRM party secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba and the Member of Parliament for Kamuli Municipality Hajjati Rehema Watongola where he was introduced as a ‘hard-working, committed, focused and visionary’ youthful leader.


During the interface with the old man, Mr Kintu is said to have asked the president for two major things including splitting Kagoma County into two to lessen on the infightings that have regularly characterized Kagoma elections and to bail him out financially in order to clear the huge debts incurred during the election period.

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